Allen-Bradley HSCE Module, Analog, High Speed Counter Encoder, 1. Zoom. Mfr Number: HSCE. Rexel Part Number: UPC: The typical HSCE applications include packaging, material handling, flow module and I/O modules in a single chassis with a power supply. HSCE Low Price Guarantee! Allen Bradley – Rockwell Automation SLC ALBHSCE New, Repair and Reman Parts. Ships Fast and 2 YR.

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You are not registered yet. Please click here to register! July 2nd, I have a processor — L with four K. Nsce trying to configure a HSCE high-speed counter module.

This module is in slots six , the a. Now to ask the really stupid question. How to access this module” I can go into the data table and look at input I: But do not see them alternate or change. I guess what I’m asking is where and how do I configure the program to see these inputs on this module or what command is used in the latter logic.

I scavenged this PLC out of the derelict piece of equipment I would like to understand how the high-speed counter is accessed and the information processed in the latter logic. I bsce a high-speed counter tab on the instruction palette. But they are grayed out. You must follow a set procedure for configuring the HSCE card.

The best advice I can give you is to read the manual and follow an example there that is the closest match for your application. They work great once set up but getting there can be a steep hill to climb. There are better ways to earn a living than to prevent 7146 people from making use of one’s contributions to computer science.

I took your advice and looked for the installation manual for the HSCE high speed control. All the configuration parameters are located in that manual.

But it does not answer my question as how do I access it in PLC logic. It did not describe what logic or data table to access to gain information as to what is going on in the high-speed counter. There are also TechConnect knowledgebase documents describing the “minimum configuration” for the HSCE in various modes: They don’t apply to the HSCE. All data exchange between the controller and the module needs to be programmed; there are no dialog boxes or configuration windows for status information for the module.

  6ES7 971 0BA00 PDF

This “wizard” lets you enter values into fields and places them into a data file 17746 you, then adds ladder logic to send that data file to the HSCE.

HSCE setup/configure/program – – Interactive Q & A

Before this was added to RSLogixyou had to manually populate the configuration data file according hsxe the user manual. Find More Posts by Ken Roach. I hate to admit it but I feel like a complete retard. I do not quite understand what I’m doing or what I need to do. I went to the advanced configuration file for this controller and just do not understand what it is asking me for input values. OK, Now I see the confusion. It is not supported in the SLC You should hscs be able to find this instruction in the manuals that Ken pointed you to.

The actual count shows up as an input so if the card is in slot 6 then the count will be at the address I: July 3rd, Everything is wired exactly as it came out of the machinewith the original encoder.

As stated before it is located in slot The logic to access it has to be written At least to me. In short is there someone that can give me a simple example of how they would set something like this up in a brand-new program. Also in the advanced configuration set up. I am not sure what is the values I should enter into these.

I believe it has something to do how many pulses per revolution my counter produces. My encoder is a Dynapar brand encoder. I am trying to locate a datasheet now for this encoder. I hate to break it to you but as I said before, there just isn’t any “Easy” way to learn this.

Get the manual which Ken suggested: It probably won’t make sense the first time you go through it. The second time you will learn more. Then you can go back more times jsce the parts specific to what you are trying to usce. Chapter 6 has application examples. The first one is for a basic ysce which sounds exactly like what you want. See how far you get and then ask for more help. I will say you need to get the M0 file set up hsxe to make this work.

In the hwce code they assume you will set up all the configuration data in the N10 file and then copy it to the M0 file on the 1st plc hsfe. I’m not sure they ever really explain that in the manual It’s been a long time since I read it. There is hscee communication channel on the backplane which you may be unaware of. These are the ‘M’ registers.


There are also input M registers hzce reading information from the module. These are in addition to the standard input and output registers you see for the module. The information to set up the HSCE is set up by copying numbers into the output M registers for this module.

The information which is transferred to these M registers is detailed in the manual. As Nzdied1 mentioned, this transfer is typically done on a first pass as a standard COP command sending all the register information in one instruction. As noted before, because the HSCE is hscr versatile it is also complex to set up, choosing from a multitude of options.

The ‘wizard’ that Ken mentioned helps to take some of the sting out of this, but it is hzce to read the manual to understand the options you are choosing. While the primary information you want from the module while running count, rate etc is available in the standard Input registers, other information will only be available from the input M registers this is typically status information I hope this helps.

When I first programmed one of these the helpful ‘wizard’ wasn’t available and it took a number of tries to get it right.

Allen-Bradley 1746-HSCE (1746-HSCE) Input Module

August 10th, September 10th, I understand that the card configuration is to be done in M files. But still M file not showing in data files. You cannot “open and view” an M0 or M1 file.

That’s why there are examples for the configuration ladder logic in the user manuals to copy M0 and M1 data to and from ordinary data tables.

September 12th, All times are GMT The time now is Please DON’T use it for advertising, etc. Click here now to hscs it.

HSCE high-speed counter module – – Interactive Q & A

Find Shce Posts by mgruber. Find More Posts by ndzied1. Find More Posts by Rasand. Find More Posts by PSpal.

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