Încercare de antropologie psihanalitică (Hypostases of death in a time of lust. An Essay includes: Antropologie culturală şi socială – vademecum (Cultural and Social Anthropology – . MIHU, Achim. Antropologia. Tematica si bibliografie Literatura universala si Uploaded by. Ellandri · Seminar 4 Achim Mihu – Antropologia Uploaded by. Cristinel Virgilius Degeratu · Uploaded by. Cristinel Virgilius Degeratu · dialoguri improbabile_Cristinel

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Kaplan, Nation and decolonization. For Anthropology, the 19 th century represented the point where, starting from the anrtopologie concept of evolution but also from the writings of Montesquieu, the focus shifted to society and its evolution.

Jugend ohne Vorbild, Ed. Dar Ratzel nu a fost un rasist 8. Kuisel, Seducing the French: The structural-functionalist paradigm used by the anthropologists from the School cculturala Manchester was subject to criticism due cultrala its nonconformist character. What should be noticed is the fact that a growing concern towards physical anthropology emerged in Romania in the fourth decade of the 20th century.

Beardsley, An Appraisal of Leslie A. Wilson, Anthropology, Toronto,p.

Antropologia culturala – Achim Mihu – Google Books

Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion. Economic The Economic Journal. Firth, Social Change in Tikopia. Mead, Der Konflikt der Generationen. Science and Science and Nature. Meyri, Basel,p. The major purpose of scholars was to observe if, on the whole, people and society made progress following the path of development from inferior to superior. Lips este considerat un savant care se apropie de ideile materialismului cultural. The structures and studies on culture and personality limited the number of racist and ethnocentric descriptions of some cultural types, which were characteristic to the first half of the 20 th century.


He regarded cultures as communication systems and he conceived models that had at the basis structural linguistic and mathematical concepts on structure, in order to establish and demonstrate the general rules that govern the structure of social relations.

The central objective of feminist Anthropology is social inequitably among groups, segregation. Hohn, A Cannibal in the National Museum: All anthropologists have later recognized the role of these researches.

Lupta — ca sport; 4. Journal of Ecological Anthropology.

Mihu, Achim [WorldCat Identities]

The approaches characteristic to this last period was most of the times connected to the scientific activity performed by specialists in the fields of philosophy, sociology, and linguistics. Principiile ecologiei culturale au fost fundamentate de Julian Steward However, the infrastructure is represented by the modes of production defined by Harris as technology and practice used in expanding or limiting the elementary subsistence, or expansion, limitation and preservation of the dimension of population.


Rousseau, also influence cognitive Anthropology to a great extent but through their approaches, they limited themselves to a mere interpretation of the influence that society has on the individual.

Die Neugestaltung der Weltpolitik im Cognitive Anthropology started to manifest itself culturalla the 5 th decade of the 20 th century. Geertz, The Interpretation of Cultures. A Monthly Review, Mercury edited by H.

Metodele antropologiei culturale 30 II. Schneider, University of Illinois Press,p. Un aspect important al istoriei orale este reprezentat de istoria vie jihu. Trautman, The whole history of kinship terminology in three chapters.

Mihu, Achim

Boas, care se apropie mult de demersul specific antropologiei 1 E. Mmihu Reprezentan i L. Even though today, functionalism is no more than a reference point in Anthropology, theoretically speaking, and the revolutionary method of field study that even nowadays represents a habitual practice of every ethnologist and anthropologi st, remains vivid.

Paternoster Row, London,p.