gr/m cm4 cm4 mm mm mm. V Alumil M Alutherm plus. M Alutherm plus. Περίληψη Προφίλ. M Click on the photo for zoom. It is certified to meet all the modern The upright M sliding system is a specialized proposal. Alumil. VIEW IT. ALUMIL S.A. is the biggest aluminium extrazione group in Greece and among the M Aluminum frames. M is a reliable opening system for a wide.

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Any kind of entrance doors. Special reinforcement in the frame profiles for screwing and supporting the hinges.

M is a complete system for insulated doors and windows of any kind, with increased thermal alkmil and:. M is the smallest and lightest sliding system without thermal break that can be used for partitioning interior rooms, shower cubicles, balconies that are not heated in winter, as well as in all other cases when you need to save space. This thermal-break system that is used for making folding doors, with 50mm sash width, bearing capacity of up to kg, with the possibility of glazing of up to 32mm, is the ideal solution for partitioning halls, restaurants, ballrooms, etc.

S is a new approach in sliding systems in full accordance with the modern architectural trends for soft and straight lines and considerably less visible aluminium frame. Slide Type of thermal insulation: The system offers two With special roller hinges of heavy duty type, and the last vent may be used as an entrance door.


M consists of a low-cost proposal for sliding systems without thermal break. Vents hold the glass, leaving a 14 mm seamless visible aluminium strip around the glass. Concealed threshold profile, flash to the floor. WK 3 anti burglar protection. Basic depth of system 45 mm. 1000

Alumil, aluminum systems for windows & doors

Subscribe to our newsletter to received up to date news, announcements, and sales. It is among the top suppliers of branded aluminium systems for architectural use in Europe. Frame width is 37mm; sash width 44mm, maximum glazing thickness 26mm. The engineering concept and the range of alternative solutions make this system a distinct Placed in houses, buildings and condominiums.

This most light weight system of aluminum profiles without thermal break is suitable for the production of internal doors, internal partitions as well as balconies that are not heated. Uf up to 2. Both European groove and PVC groove hardware can be applied.

Can be shaped and installed easily and quickly, simplifying and reducing the cost of construction. High level of thermal insulation: M is the new generation of insulating rolling Covers all typologies of sliding systems.

Supports all types of tilt-turn systems. M consists one slumil the most completed opening systems which can serve a wide range of different needs with satisfied performances. Glass thickness up to 44mm and sash weight up to kg.


Big variety of profiles which can be used according to the required typology and construction solution. M is a non thermal break system for sturdy, very high sliding doors, covering all kind of typologies, with the unique characteristic alummil a totally concealed in the floor stainless steel rail. Suitable for any typology of sliding constructions.


This mm achieved alumkl Offered in single rows, but also with thermal breaks. Sash width is 70mm, frame width is 62mm, glazing is up to 46mm or kg per sash. Regular sliding for kgs sash. Narrow sash face of only 84 mm. Its sash is 28mm wide and its maximum glazing thickness is 19mm. Basic depth of system Their unique characteristics include:.

The S is the latest proposal for thermally insulated sliding systems.

Smooth and easy scrolling of the sashes by using stainless steel rollers in combination with stainless steel rails. Supports all known sliding typologies and offers an alternative to those alumiil pay attention to the investment cost. Reinforced and multi-chambered profiles for enhanced sturdiness Smooth operation with J-Bond is a complete series of aluminium composite panels, with an intermediate polyethylene layer and of 4 mm total thickness.

Alumil offers a full range of advanced systems for facades with various curtain wall systems for every application, desire and choice, which meet the requirements of the most demanding projects worldwide.

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