An Introduction to Persian has 38 ratings and 5 reviews. Adam said: Old Thackston gets a bad rap in Persian language classrooms, but I spent about a year. An introduction to Persian / Wheeler M. Thackston. — Rev. 4th ed. p. cm. ISBN (alk. paper) Persian language — Grammar. I. Tide. Wheeler M. Thackston is Professor of Persian and other Near East This is why W.M. Thackston’s An Introduction to Persian should be welcomed by students.

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Pm trying to find the thing you use. In normal social situa- tions Iranians address each other by title and family name; in fairly familiar situa- tions the given name and title are used. Please as a request. In the perssian stress falls on the last syllable of the short infini- tive. Our house is fairly near Tehran. What all did I not say?! In this case the adjectives are all linked by the ezdfe and do not require the conjunction.

Examples are given in print and nastaliq: We had scarcely reached the garden when their neighbors persisn. Jb JUoT rdbkhane amadand. The intonation that accompanies the interrogative sentence in Persian should be learned by imitation of the instructor. He is too big introoduction cry like this.

The hierarchy of stress in verbs is given here for reference: Even the children here seem old: There is no differentiation whatsoever in pronunciation, and learning which letter is used in any given word is simply a matter of spelling— inttoduction unlike English.


They modify both singular and plural nouns.

An Introduction to Persian – Wheeler McIntosh Thackston – Google Books

When I was a child, life was simpler. Oh yes he is Iranian! Her life must have been relatively quiet. Qayn transliterated gh occurs mainly in Arabic but also in some Persian and Turkish words.

An Introduction to Persian by Wheeler M. Thackston

Fol- lowing vowels and voiced consonants the ending is -dan; following voiceless consonants the ending is -tan. This is more than that. We may might say.

Hastand is used here to avoid ketabha-ye khub-i-and, unstressed i followed by aa combination that is tolerated but often avoided in spoken Persian.

Is this for your wife? This tense will not be encountered frequently. Jd Uj j I kash intawr bemanad! He is not in Tehran, but introductuon is happy. Her husband has been dead for five years. He must have done that thing.

An Introduction to Persian

These are some very good chairs. Good morning to you in response. Lesson One was easy, but Lesson Two was harder.

Numerals are written, as in English, from left to right. This new edition is a major contribution for those involved in teaching the Persian language. The present perfect conjugation of raftan is as follows: What should he say? Do you want those same three green chairs? How do you buy those things so cheaply?


Thxckston nouns and adjectives in Persian are stressed on the final syllable. He’s not more than twelve years old. We should have done something. Where did you see Ali and his father yesterday? Thwckston of noun predicates: You can’t have seen the Gawhar-Shad Mosque unless you have gone to Mashhad. I JcsJj b qasd-ddshtand an kar-rd They intended to do it. Vocabulary are included at the end of each lesson are intended for active acquisition.

A vast number of Arabic words form the plural thhackston a rearrangement of internal vowels. Nouns are construed as specific in the following cases: It is always marked by -ra when it is the direct object of a verb. In such a case either 1 the subject and predicate are reversed or 2 if there is no expressed subject, the verb is brought forward and precedes the relative clause, as in the following examples: The second example is a historical fact thackstin is still pertinent: All non-connecting letters are followed by initial or alone forms.