Archeological danger duo Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase, now engaged to be married, dodge bullets in pursuit of another fabled object in their. The Covenant of Genesis is a adventure, action, historical novel written by Andy McDermott. It was originally published in The book is the fourth in Nina. In the brilliant fourth book from Andy McDermott, Nina Wilde must battle the Covenant of Genesis if she is to find the world’s greatest archaeological treasure.

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Kind of a gap between that and fifty-eight thousand b.

She opened thr up in turn. But what happens when the discovery is destroyed? What I found really implausible about that book was the ending. I just didn’t get into this one as much as I did the previous ones for some reason. Well, fictitiously at least.

Chase dropped into the sea beside him with a huge splash. Who will be the first to expose the truth—and claim the most valuable archaeological prize of all time? Nina had used the transit time to explain why she had changed the mission so drastically; both Gozzi and Bobak were startled by what she thought she had discovered, but they quickly became caught up in her enthusiasm.

This book had a very transitional feel to it- I have a feeling that I’ll find some things being different in the next book because of the events in this one- and those changes will make for an interesting new direction! Their survey led them along a circular route, taking twenty minutes to complete.


The image pixelated, but individual objects were still discernible, strewn across the seafloor. That I haven’t read the third book in the series yet didn’t seem to matter as well.

The Covenant of Genesis | Nina Wilde & Eddie Chase series Wikia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Es un libro lleno de mcdrrmott con el que nunca uno se aburre. Nov 21, Deborah rated it really liked it. There’s 4 star potential in these books, but right now I’m not holding my breath.

Such a discovery would contradict the creation mythology they share. They see Saudi aircraft bombing the cave and the camp.

I know that I definitely like the series, especially when real life is more stressful and complicated that I prefer.

But, when the action began, I was captivated. I’m starting to think that it might be partially because this is pretty much the same formula as the previous novels. Determined to solve the mystery, Nina and Eddie Chase, her fiance, embarked on a quest for answers. At some point over four books it kind of needs to be addressed in some form since it is such a change from her initial state.

The Covenant of Genesis: Nina Wilde – Eddie Chase Series #4 (Unabridged)

Putting it aside, he aimed a light into the new hole. We could just nip—fnarr, fnarr—to our cabin. At each landing, Chase lowered the sonar into the water to scan the surrounding seabed.

This one was no different. She and Eddie had great chemistry. But before she can return to tell the world of her find, her ship is brutally attacked, her crew is ruthlessly murdered, and the artifact is stolen. Refresh and try again.


The Covenant of Genesis

He is… More about Andy McDermott. Why I hated it: Nina isn’t too thrilled and neither is Eddie but they reluctantly bring her along on the adventure.

Someone wants this secret to stay hidden—and will do anything to keep it that way. The Secret of Excalibur: She was also hoping to become the director of her group but has discovered that one of her biggest rivals has been given the position instead.

And as always, the plot of this book was amazing. Quotes from The Covenant mcdermoft G Far too many characters fill this, antagonists mainly, meaning only really Sophia comes across as anything resembling an interesting ‘bad guy’.

Nina had assumed the role four months earlier, following the death of her predecessor, Hector Amoros. This time, Eddie and Nina are zipping all around the world looking for the Garden of Eden. I know it was to set the story’s foundation. It was originally published in Despite the pace, there was the odd occasion when I wished I could skip forward to the answer.