This compilation of Bible promises combined with the wisdom of Wigglesworth will help readers discover how the anointing of the Holy Spirit helps us realize. Then he realized: “We need the anointing of the Holy Spirit and it comes Wigglesworth was a man of great faith and of kingly anointing. This item:The Anointing of His Spirit by Smith Wigglesworth Paperback $ . faith and have the anointing of the Holy Spirit you will be left wanting more!.

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Posted by Media Mission Dept. Anointing of the Holy Spirit. We must ask for anointing of the Holy Spirit. There was an incident in which Benny Hinn realized the significance of anointing of the Holy Spirit.

On a Saturday inhe came away with a strong presence of the Holy Spirit while praying for his event in Detroit. People, repented, diseases were healed, and many experienced the spiit of God. Surprisingly, there were no visible workings of the Holy Spirit. His spitit met with cold reception and there was little or no healing. Without the guidance of such anointing, it is better to die.

The moment we are used as leaders, there begins warfare of death and disease with Satan. Anointing is the authority of God, which holds and strengthens us till victory.

There are three types of anointing. First, it is the anointing of cleansing performed on lepers in the Old Testament. In the 14th chapter of Leviticus, the priest sprinkles the blood of sacrifice onto lepers outside the tent and brings them inside the tent to put blood and oil for cleansing.

The anointing of lepers is our anointing of salvation. It is important to note that oil was applied after the blood was rubbed. To arm ourselves with the faith in the fourth dimension, we must pray to be first equipped with the blood and later with anointing.

The second type of anointing is the priestly anointing. The priests in the Old Testament were anointed every-day. Anointing in this context is the presence of and the fellowship with the Holy Spirit. As our relationship with the Holy Spirit deepens, anointing multiplies. On the other hand, if sin, pride, anger, anxiety, and sloth enter into our hearts, anointing gradually loses power.


This means we must be anointed every-day. However if we fail to seek spiritual training and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, oil runs out. We can take one example. You need to charge your battery every night in order to use your mobile phone every day.

Smith Wigglesworth On the Power of the Word of God

Otherwise, you cannot use the phone during the day because the battery is not enough. The same is with the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

If you do not refill your spiritual oil every day you will run out the oil of the Holy Spirit in the course of time, becoming spiritually dry. A little hole in an oil bottle can also drain out the oil. Such are unforgiveness, anger, and lewd talk. If we commit these sins, we invite evil spirits into our lives and drain the power of anointing.

Replacing the lost oil can take more time. Therefore we must pray to God to anoint us with the new oil every-day. The third type of anointing is kingly anointing. This has power and spirituality to restrain and defeat the demons. The anointing of lepers comes from cleansing. Priestly anointing comes from a daily fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

Kingly anointing is granted only when we are unconditionally dedicated and obedient to God. Inthere was a great minister named Smith Wigglesworth.

Vested with an enormous spiritual gift, he once raised thirteen dead people. In the religious service he held in Arizona, there was a woman afflicted with tuberculosis. I want you to run around this building. Everyone at the meeting was surprised to see how well she ran. Wigglesworth was a man of great faith and of kingly anointing.

Smith Wigglesworth Homepage

We are not mere Christians. We can be the extraordinary workers for God with power and authority. When wiggleswlrth are anointed with the Holy Spirit, we are granted wisdom and power. We must desire the anointing of the Holy Spirit. As I study more about the spiritual world with great interest, I realize one thing. That is God blesses those who earnestly desire Him. We must have spiritual covetousness. Why did God abandon Esau and bless Jacob?

Jacob was a liar, impostor, trickster, and fell short in matters of character. Contrary to Jacob, Esau was a warrior who excelled in fighting and running. Esau, however, took spiritual blessing very lightly. Wigglesorth fervently desired spiritual blessing.


We must have fervent desire for spiritual blessing and ask for anointing. Especially we must seek the nine gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit. We must seek tongues, interpretation, prophesy, word of knowledge, word of wisdom, spiritual discernment, faith, healing, working of miracles as well as love, joy, peace, patience, mercy, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

How do we receive anointing then? Oil can be transferred. When we are prayed over by an anointed servant of God, we can receive anointing. Listen to the anointed servants of God and read their books. Then the holy oil will be transferred. Anointing is granted in the midst of fervent prayers.

There is a prayer known as soaking prayer. It was first proposed by John Wimbur at Vineyard Church. If we ask for the anointing of the Holy Spirit once in our prayers and again and again in our prayers, anointing is multiplied. Later it gets to the point where we are soaked in anointing.

If we pray with fervent desire, God will multiply His anointing. Do not be drunk in wine. Do not be drunk in the worldly desires. But be filled with the Holy Spirit. Seek the anointing of the Holy Spirit with your whole heart.

Very good stuff…Answers alot of personal questions of me in my own Christian life and experiences with the Holy Spirit. Thank you for posting this information…Much of it rang true for me in light of scripture and knowledge of the anointing in my life as well. To God be all the glory for His wonderful anointing in Christ.

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