Anticelulit masaža. Da li ste znale? Anticelulit masaža, iako najefikasniji tretman, je najčešće krajnji izbor žena. Put do trajnog rešenja. Najčešći estetski. Physio Spa, Zrenjanin Picture: Anticelulit masaza din – Check out TripAdvisor members’ candid photos and videos of Physio Spa. “Anticelulit Masaza Beograd” is published by Mia Saric.

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We need to be cautious and not be also rough other sensible we will hurt the pores and skin and result in bruising. The main principle of the Shiatsu is the possibility of body to be in balance and to heal itself. Listed here are are some ratings of a handful of such cellulite massage devices: Face, neck and cleavage massage Head and neck massage Relax massage Antistress massage Therapeutic massage Sport massage Shiatsu massage Royal massage-4 hands Hot stones massage Candle massage.

It is necessary to know how to conduct the lymphatic drainage well and in a proper way in order to achieve the targeted effect. Visualise smoothing and ironing out the skin. You can get rid of people cottage cheese thighs by merely purchasing a cellulite therapeutic massage gadget and making use of it regularly. Massage is fantastic for decreasing cellulite — accomplished properly and combined with a healthful diet program and workout — will assist us not only lessen cellulite but boost the look and overall health of our pores and skin usually.

Face, neck and cleavage massage – skin is strained with the effect of myolift, circulation is improved and puffiness is reduced-bags under eyes Head and neck massage – reduces muscular and nervous tension and pain-it is conducted in sitting position and over clothes Relax massage – relaxes and balances the body, prevents accumulation of stress and exhaustion, relaxes muscles… Antistress massage – represents combination of relax and therapeutic massage, focus is on neck and shoulders Therapeutic massage – targeted and dosed manual technique with the goal to stretch, drain and relax, in the first place, muscles and then also knuckle structures-focus is on the problematic parts Sport massage – for anyone who does intensive sport activities, the goal is relaxation, drainage and stretching muscles and knuckle structures, increasing the volume of moving Shiatsu massage – By pressing, over the clothes, certain spots on meridians of the body accumulated blocked energy are activated.


Fluid retention is a outcome of inadequate lymphatic circulation. We are aiming to achieve lymphatic drainage, and improve circulation.

Kozmetički salon Lotos

They provide a extremely gentle therapeutic massage above your skin, and are good in blend with lotions and balms. Constantly use a therapeutic massage oil, or my favourite way is to do it although taking a shower. The essence of the lymphatic drainage is the stimulation of the fluid flow from intercellular areas to lymphatic vessels, and then from lymphatic vessels and nods to venous system.

This sort of therapeutic massage to minimize cellulite is carried out with the combination of pores and skin rubbing, kneading and pinching. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It is gentle fat, powerful, and successful.

Shiatsu represents the pressure made by finger, palm, elbow, knee or foot on the parts of body that are being treated. Stay away from it! Tonic Roller — This is an electric massager produced by Maxcare.

It has a include above the massaging bits, so if you want to use it in mixture with cream, you just have masaaa remove the cover. Ahticelulit continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


Unlike the Tonic Roller it is a lot more of a common therapeutic massage unit. Being a modern era problem diseaseit is impossible to omit anticellulite treatments as part of the body treatment program.

anticelulit masaza – H A R M O N Y

Lymphatic drainage is conducted to stimulate circulation of the lymph, increase vein circulation and body detox. Feel of kneading dough!

Massage is a great way of preventive healing, essentially important for maintenance of health and shape. A massage is an ancient healing skill that has an extraordinary effect on all of the body systems: The most effective results are provided by manual massage combined with the matching product and ultrasound that sends vibrations through the tissue and helps breaking and reducing fat cells and skin straining, all as introductory procedures for a manual massage.

Depending on the cellulite condition, certain procedures are recommended atnicelulit order to eliminate it. We recommend anticelullit some of the massages depending on current condition, interests and seasons.

Royal massage – 4 hands Hot stones massage – Warmth relaxes tissues and ensures better exchange of substances in body. It is recommended with muscles pain, rheumatic problems, sport injuries, insomnia… Candle massage – special wax which, when melted, turns into aromatic oil contains nutrient substances and makes the body relax, while the smell relaxes our mind.

This site uses cookies. We are reducing the extra fluid that builds anticelulkt and contributes to cellulite.