Apego adulto by Judith Feeney, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Apego adulto y conflicto: acotando su relación. Judith A. Feeney. University of Queensland. Abstract. In couple relationships, intense or protracted conflict can. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Apego adulto y conflicto: acotando su relación | In couple Judith Feeney at The University of Queensland.

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Examples of relevant conflict variables include problems in negotiation, negative attributions for partner behaviors, and reluctance to forgive transgressions. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 73, For each of the three scenes, trained observers rated participants’ responses to the conflict.

These results provide substantial support for the link between parental security and constructive conflict behavior. A later study Feeney, b explored the issue of emotional control of anger in a sample of married couples. Further, there is evidence that destructive responses to conflict mediate the association between insecure attachment and relational dissatisfaction; that is, insecurity drives maladaptive responses to conflict, which contribute to insecure persons’ tendency to evaluate their relationships negatively.

Interestingly, although avoidance had the overall effect of increasing relationship problems, it also had an indirect path through less destructive victim behavior; that feney, avoidant individuals were less likely to aoego to sarcasm, anger and tears, and this effect served to decrease relationship problems.

In the full model, mutuality was the strongest predictor of husbands’ satisfaction, with anxiety maintaining a significant or near-significant relationship with the dependent variable. All these effects are likely to maintain or exacerbate conflict. In the Young Couples Study mentioned earlier, we also examined possible interactive effects of partners’ attachment characteristics.


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For ratings of fathers’ conflict behavior, the multivariate effect of reporter was not significant, but univariate tests showed that fathers saw themselves as less attacking than did their offspring. For example, the ‘improvisation scenes’ developed by Raush, Barry, Hertel, and Swain involve explicit conflicts apgeo interest, primed by researchers. English Choose a language for feenej.

An attachment-theoretical perspective on the generation and regulation of emotions. The conflict behaviors adopted by insecure individuals – including conflict avoidance and coercion – are likely to result in ongoing conflict and lingering anger and resentment.

On the other hand, if proximity-seeking is seen as dangerous or disallowed, the individual engages in deactivating strategies, which involve denying attachment needs and maintaining distance and control. A lifespan perspective pp. In couple relationships, intense or protracted conflict can activate the attachment system, raising concerns about the partner’s availability and the future of the relationship.

Although the generational stake hypothesis implies that parents and offspring tend to differ in their perceptions of the family, it seems plausible that attachment insecurity which involves a range of fears and defences might be associated with greater differences than usual. Avoidant attachment is associated with rules that restrict expression of distress and support seeking deactivating strategiesand anxious-ambivalent attachment reflects rules that encourage heightened awareness and expression of distress hyperactivating strategies.

Conceptual, empirical and therapeutic relatedness pp.

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Apego adulto y conflicto: More recently, I have suggested that hurt feelings stem from relational transgressions that involve a sense of personal injury to one’s self-worth or basic trust in others Feeney, In the Young Alego Study, we assessed the role of attachment dimensions and conflict variables measured after a adulti of marriage in predicting later marital satisfaction.


For the full sample i. Couples with two anxious spouses reported the most conflict, but couples in which only the wife was anxious reported slightly less conflict than those with two low-anxious spouses.

In particular, the experience of anger is associated with tension, impulsiveness and a tendency to engage in destructive behaviour. These strategies are characteristic of those high in avoidance particularly dismissing-avoidance. Expert judges’ ratings of rule transgressions also suggested that hurt is elicited specifically by transgressions that threaten positive working models; these transgressions generally appego not invariably also imply relational devaluation.

In couple relationships, as already noted, both partners’ attachment characteristics are likely to shape relationship processes and outcomes. Personal Relationships, 6, Adult attachment and emotional control.

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Consistent with this argument, anxious men and women in this study perceived that their partners wanted them to control their anger. This was a cross-sectional study; in each family, mothers, fathers and adolescents completed attachment scales avoidance and anxiety. Research further suggests that parents’ insecurity and destructive conflict behaviors have negative consequences for adolescent offspring, in terms of attachment difficulties and appraisals of loneliness.

Consistent with feeny finding based on the ‘proportion’ measure, reported difference in needs was related positively to males’ avoidance and females’ anxiety.

Child Development, 48,