US Army Regulation Housing Management Updated 3 October AR PDF. The AR redefines responsibilities in accord with. scope: Purpose. This regulation provides policies, procedures, and responsibilities for the management and operation of the Army’s housing programs. o Establishes the requirement for developing Army housing master plans . *This regulation supersedes AR –50, dated 26 February ;.

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This status does not qualify as a geographical bachelor.

Garrison commanders may authorize single Soldiers in the rank of sergeant and below to reside off post under the following conditions:. Site maintained by Temple Daily Telegram. Additionally, commanders 2105-0 first sergeants must ensure that by-name CNA packets be routed through their brigade, to the First Sergeants Barracks Program and approved by the garrison commander prior to directing a Soldier to move off post.

Dual military assigned to different installations are housed as single Soldiers. Unit commanders and leaders must ensure they understand the policies regarding barracks utilization to prevent Soldiers from encountering financial hardship should the CNA be disapproved.


However, if dual military and on separate tours prior to being assigned to Fort Hood, this rule does not apply. Classifieds Classifieds Jobs Real Estate.

Soldiers who start a lease and get denied CNA are responsible for payment of a lease that the Soldier cannot afford. Recently, the Inspector General Office has experienced several complaints concerning Basic Allowance for Housing entitlements for single Soldiers in the rank of sergeant and below, without dependents.

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AR – Housing Management – US Army Regulations

Raising right hand to nation service, Soldiers reaffirm Army commitment. Armj the past, battalions could submit CNA packets based on a percent brigade occupancy rate per the Barracks Utilization Report.

It is the responsibility of all leaders to keep the best interest of their Soldiers in mind. Commanders and leaders must be aware that the chain of command does not have the authority to allow single Soldiers sergeant and below to reside off post and collect BAH prior to issuance of a Certificate of Non-Availability.

ramy When a Soldier gets divorced, BAH must be stopped immediately if the Soldier has no children, in the grade of sergeant and below, or the Soldier was not appointed as the primary custodial parent.


All must be approved by the garrison commander prior to allowing a Soldier to move off post. The authority to issue a CNA lies solely with the garrison commander.

AR 210-50 Housing Management

The bottom line is that Soldiers should not be told by commanders and first sergeants that they can move off post prior to obtaining approval by the garrison commander.

The increased trend in BAH complaints is primarily due to barracks-eligible Soldiers sergeant and below being allowed to move off post with the intent to collect BAH without going through the proper channels of approval.

The FSBP office is available to provide briefings to units. There are certain exceptions to policy deployment, child custody, etc. Contact them at or to schedule training sessions.

This may lead to financial hardship for the Soldier. In accordance with ARthe garrison commander is the sole approval authority for single Soldiers, sergeant and below, to receive a CNA to move off post in order to receive BAH.