With thousands of girls considering purchasing her Clean Eating Diet Plan or joining an Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge location, I thought I. 8 Week Challenge Starts MONDAY. SIGN UP Now. At Ashy Bines Squad We help women like YOU lose weight and get the body of their dreams. With A Squad. Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge Cairnlea – Glendenning St, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – Rated 5 based on 3 Reviews “Best thing I have done for .

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You can expect to be challenged and to work hard. I have joined other gyms before and never stuck, but this one is different. If you have forgotten your password, you can email support. This data is not made public and will not be sold to any third parties.

It was a bit expensive. If ashyy have never trained before or if you already consider yourself quite fit you will be able to tailor it to your needs. I do not advise this progromme as one to be used.

Frequently Asked Questions

I never signed up to join up to any contract nor signed any contract. Home Home How it works. I did the program for a year and it was great chalpenge suited my lifestyle – until my lifestyle changed and I had 6 months left in my cha,lenge for sessions I could not attend. I asked them why they started taking money from my account and they stated I had not signed up to a contract so they pick one for you and start taking your money, This is what they do until you choose a program.

I’d like to cancel my membership with ashy bines as when I signed up I was told it was only a 5 pound payment Bodt time only My area manager and trainers were great, the girls were great but after the first couple of weeks I started to feel unsure about a few aspects of the bootcamp; One of the trainers was MUCH weaker than the rest. What I found was some people were in the same body challsnge me. You will feel the difference after a few days, and see the difference not much longer after that.


Have people ever actually gotten refunded or Had their subscription cancelled? We have created a 12 week challenge, as this is the perfect amount of time to make significant improvements to your day to day life. I signed up eagerly and was sent a link to the Closed Facebook group for my location. You can expect to sweat a lot.

Review: Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge – Ashy Bines Exposed

We use PayPal services for all transactions. With thousands of girls considering purchasing her Clean Eating Diet Plan or joining an Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge location, I thought I would share my own experiences to help you make up your mind. This is such a frustrating aspect of Facebook. This is why I designed this program. The full 12 weeks brings together a range of training to help you achieve results and maintain them. They keep taking your money!

The email never arrived and I could see on the Facebook group bones a lot of other girls were having the same problem. I would text them and they replied it in Facebook messenger? All muscles groups are tended to and each session will be a full body bpdy. Apparently it my responsibility to contact them to tell them after my awhy ends I want out – despite over 20 emails and messages going there way for me wanting out. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here They keep stealing money out of my account!

After some birthday and christmas overindulgences my weight slowly plateaued and that was when I decided to look into the bootcamp. Most Bies General Is there a fitness minimum?

Ashy obviously had the smart idea to capitalise on the clean eating principles she used to shape up for her challeneg competitions by targeting a market of young girls who were desperate to loose weight. We would always recommend that you seek the advise of a medical professional who knows your unique situation before starting anything new. And also an email that we acknowledge them and a receipt of payments.


Frank replied on Jul 05, Emailed then 5 times and still no response has anyone else had this problem? Kept taking money out of my account even after the 12 weeks was over. Has anyone ever gotten a subscription fee refund? All you need is an internet connection and the determination to be a better version of yourself.

Considering I have not gotten a further reply from their “support team” and all my comments on the Facebook page have been deleted and my ability to leave comments disabled I will vent my anger here too. No, the beauty of the online experience is that it is completely custom for any stage of your fitness journey. I wanted to be one of those girls badly but I had recently tried another diet which used similar marketing and had found little results. You are able to specify whether you have access to equipment or not in your sign up so that the program tailors to you.

Agree with most other people. Hi i have split stomick mucels after having my second baby 2 years ago and wondered if doing some of the exercise would do more damage? My area manager and trainers were great, the girls were great but after the first couple of weeks I started to feel unsure about a few aspects of the bootcamp. Ashy Bines posted on Oct 20, The Bootcamps are ran by area managers and trainers at outdoor locations across Australia.

This was definitely not a solution because until the debits are actually cancelled by ABBBC I am still liable for the direct debits. Great help understanding the chemistry of our bodies and how to make nutrition work for you. Watch giving your bank card details to them before they take money as they dont offer any refunds.

Overall opinion I have been a major advocate for the Diet Plan. Such a waste of time and money.