Athenagoras was a late 2nd century Christian apologist who wrote a defense of Christianity called _A Plea for the Christians_. It’s contents are revealing of what. A Plea For the Christians. By Athenagoras the Athenian: Philosopher and Christian. To the Emperors Marcus Aurelius Anoninus and Lucius Aurelius. A Plea for the Christians [Athenagoras of Athens] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Athenagoras (c. – c. AD) was a Father of the.

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Athenagoras Pleads for Christians

But, as most of those who charge us with atheismand that because they have not even the dreamiest conception of what God is, and are doltish and utterly unacquainted with natural and divine things, and such as measure piety by the rule of sacrificescharges us with not acknowledging the same gods as the cities, be pleased to attend to the following considerations, O emperors, on both points.

We venture, therefore, to lay a statement of our case before you — and you will deem from this discourse that we suffer unjustlyand contrary to all law and reason — and we beseech you to bestow some consideration upon us also, that we may cease at length to be slaughtered at the instigation of false accusers.

But not even water, according to them, is the beginning of all things. These we hold in contempt, though to the generality they appear matters of great importance; for we have learned, not only not to return blow for blow, nor to go to law with those who plunder and rob us, but to those who smite us on one side of the face to offer the other side also, and to those who take away our coat to give likewise our cloak.

Is it the descriptions of their bodies? We affirm, too, a crowd of angels and ministers, whom God, the maker and creator of the world, appointed to their several tasks through his Word.

Athenagoras Pleads for Christians – AD Church History Timeline

The other images were made by Phidias. For us a lustful glance is adultery, the eyes being made for other purposes. We, however, cannot refrain from turning the cheek when we are struck, nor from blessing when we are reviled.


Of course there was a huge misunderstanding of what Christians really believed. Almost all the names of the gods came into Greece from Egypt. It is for these reasons that the people of Troas make sacrifices to the athenagoars, anoint it, and set a golden crown on it.

While the chrisrians he talks of the Spirit maintains the Scriptural under-emphasis of the Spirit He is not mentioned nearly with the frequency of the Father and the Son the following teaches that Athenagoras affirms the Personhood and distinct nature of the Spirit:.

Thanks are Ever Due to God. This is what Herodotus writes: He is mentioned by Methodius about a century after he wrote A Plea for the Christiansand he is not mentioned again until the 5th century. Ayhenagoras, says He, he that looks athhenagoras a woman to lust after her, has committed adultery already in his heart.

It stands behind the temple against the back wall, which it entirely covers. I am God, chrisstians there is athenagorss besides me. Parium has statues of Alexander and Proteus. What, then, are these teachings in which we are reared?

For when any of your subjects come to you, they do not neglect to pay their homage to you, their rulers and lords, chritians whom they will obtain whatever they need, and address themselves to the magnificence of your palace; but, if they chance to come upon the royal residence, they bestow a passing glance of admiration on its beautiful structure: If the poets and philosophers did not acknowledge that there is one Godand concerning these gods were not of opinion, some that they are demonsothers that they are matter, and others that they once were men, — there might be some show of reason for our being harassed as we are, since we employ language which makes a distinction between God and matter, and the natures of the two.

But if, on the contrary, athenagors of them exists separately, since He that made the world is above the things created, and about the things He has made and set in order, where can the other or the rest be? But as the ship, although equipped with everything, is of no use if it have not a steersman, so neither are the elements, though arranged in perfect order, of any service apart from the providence of God.


What I am saying is not at variance with what the cnristians say. In honor of the statue of Alexander “O luckless Paris, chrustians fair of form but slave of woman! Is he above the world and [the first] God? If these so-called gods differ in no way from the vilest animals, then they are not gods, for it is obvious that the divine must be distinguished from what is earthly and derived from matter. Regarding their other charge, that we neither accept nor venerate the same gods as the cities, it is quite senseless.

They were the excellent offspring of Earth and Heaven; And men gave them these names when they named Earth and Heaven, Because they were the first of mortal men. It was called Heracles and Kronos. This fixes the time to a very narrow window. Some — and God created them with free will — remained obedient in the tasks for which they were made and appointed. But for us who are called Christians you christtians not in like manner cared; but although we commit no wrong — nay, as will appear in the sequel of this discourse, are of all men most piously and righteously disposed towards the Deity and towards your government — you allow us to be harassed, plundered, and persecutedthe multitude making war upon us for our name alone.

As he had no other way of addressing him, he used the popular title, not as if it were really appropriate for God, but for the sake of clarity. Beasts, indeed, do not attack their own kind.