Most attemperation that I am familiar with in this setting is to spray water into the steam line in the boiler, before it gets to the turbine. There are temperature limits . How does an attemperator control superheater temperature, if attemperator flow however, if the temperature drops below saturation point (drew point), boiler. babcock & Wilcox power generation group. Plant Service Bulletin. Spray Attemperators for. Industrial Boilers. – Cracks in the thermal liners which have caused.

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Difference between attemperator and desuperheater My company makes desuperheaters, and there is a difference only in the way you wish it to be.

This is slightly off attemoerator but still relevant question for Control aftemperator at a time when Advanced process control schemes are becoming more prevalent. As it is leaving the turbine, before it gets to the boiler, it may be subject to additional attemperation. However, you will likely also require some degree of feedback control to compensate for other variables such as different burners in use, boiler sooting, etc. Learn Attemperator in boiler at softwaredevtools.

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Download Now White Paper: However, in many cases spray water flow rate is not measured bliler the individual attemperators and this flow loop cannot be implemented. Anderson showed the group nearly a dozen, pointing out the pros and cons—mostly the latter Figs Create a free account in minutes. The material is found to be attemperator in boiler based Inconel as obtained by chemical analysis.

Steam that can instead be used for the bolier plant. Leave a Reply Click attempwrator to cancel reply.

On paper, these desuperheaters having booiler control-valve trim in the steam flow stream, offered excellent turndown by virtue of their numerous spray nozzles, Anderson said. Difference between attemperator and desuperheater It probably is. Moreover, how can I represent integrated gain scheduling feedback loop in the form of controller bolock diagram. It’s easy to join and it’s free.


He said that use of a ring-style attemperator might reduce the downstream straight run by the equivalent of a few pipe diameters. Adding to the challenge, steam temperature is affected by boiler load, rate of change of boiler load, air flow rate, the combination of burners in service, and the amount of soot on the boiler tubes. Simple Steam Temperature Control. The desuperheater outlet temperature control loop will provide a gradual recovery when this happens.

Is the use of a Model predictive controller to provide set-points to the spray control valves for steam temperature control a cost effective approach? The example below shows two attemperators 3 and 4 installed in a desalination plant, controlling the steam turbine input temperature. A characterizer can be used very effectively in feedforward control where the relationship between the disturbance and the required compensating control action is nonlinear.

Digital Transformation may be defined in a number of different ways by analysts or enterprise software vendors. Red Flag This Post Please let us know here why this post is inappropriate. Because of the slow response of the main steam temperature control loop, attemperator in boiler disturbance rejection can be achieved by implementing a secondary inner control loop booler the desuperheater. If you have disturbances affecting your reboiler, then yes, consider using cascade control.


With regards to the main steam temperature attemperator in boiler desuperheater outlet temperature cascade arrangement, is the inner loop here typically many times faster than the master loop?

Would such a cascade arrangement be practical work for, say column overhead temperature master to reboiler steam temperature slave? After separation from the boiler water in the drum, the steam is superheated to improve the thermal attemperator in boiler of the boiler-turbine unit. An attemporator might be used between superheater zones in a multi-zone superheater boiler or in a re-heater zone to control reheater outlet temperture.


Several attemperator manufacturers have adopted this concept with satisfactory results. Less cooling will occur at high steam flow rates.


However, here the pipe housing the attemperator is too short to permit adequate residence aftemperator for evaporation at high spray flows. Students Click Here Join Us! Steam that can instead be used for the desalination plant. It is is very informative detail. Difference between attemperator and desuperheater An attemporator controls steam temperature while a desuperheater removes whatever superheat there is in steam and reduces the temperature to a point at or nearly at saturation temperature.

Firstly, I cannot thank you enough for this incredibly educational and useful website. Businesses find great customers attemperator in boiler targeting related topics. Goal is to create as small a droplet as possible regardless of the water spray flow rate. Thank you for helping keep Eng-Tips Forums free from inappropriate posts.

Steam Temperature Control | Control Notes

So even a 2: It sounds like this is what your boss did, even though the design might attempeeator been different from normal. On the flip side, the power industry is the forerunner with utilizing complex DCS-based control strategies.

It is basically saying, all desuperheaters are attemperators, but not all attemperators are desuperheaters. This discussion will focus on steam temperature control through attemperation. An attemporator might be used between superheater zones in a multi-zone superheater attemperator in boiler or in a re-heater zone to control reheater outlet temperture.

Desuperheated steam is generally controlled to 5F – 10F above saturation depending on the sophistication of the device because if the temperature noiler controlled at saturation when it goes below the saturation line into the moisture region, the temperature controller cannot detect this.