The TRA from Audix is a 1/4-inch, pre-polarized condenser microphone with an omnidirectional capsule that exhibits a phase coherent response. Find great deals for Audix TR40 Condenser Professional Microphone. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Audix TR40 Test and Measurement Microphone. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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As a sound source, I used a Genelec a self powered speaker. The following information gives us a baseline of what to expect when we measure. Note where the phase rotates around 3.

Audix TR40 |

Note how the low frequency response begins to roll off around 70hz and the high frequency response begins to roll off around 20 kHz. All supported by the specs Genelec provides. Having verified the TM1 against two Earthworks TC40K mics and satisfied with those tests, I can trust the TM1 for measurement purposes and use it as a reference point for all the other Audix mics in my kit.


Notice that the pink trace rises up a bit between 4k and 16k. Notice that one of the TR40 yellow trace rises up between 4k and 16k even more.

The rest of the mics are pretty close in frequency response. It would appear that 5 Audix mics — 3 different models from 3 different eras all match pretty well. I had to setup offsets to make them match each ttr.

Without adding the offsets to the rig, the same measurement results would look like this: The following offsets were necessary to match the mics in level. Calibrating your rig is the equivalent of making all the mics match each other in both frequency audixx and level.

Audix TR40 Condenser Professional Microphone

You get what you pay for and one of the things you get with higher quality mics is consistency. Bob McCarthy makes it clear in his workshops that microphone calibration is mandatory when using multiple mics.


Even if yesterday the mics all measured fine, one or more may of been damaged and without verification you would be making decisions based on false information. The last statement Meyer makes is worth repeating.

Audix TR40 Reference Microphone | zZounds

What I am going to do next is go through the SPL calibration process in Smaart and see how all that goes. Hopefully I can verify one way or another what Audix has to say. Audix TM1 — craigslist.

RF Explorer and Touchstone Pro — first use.