Deck Construction Rules. Universe Rules. The Inner Sphere affiliations currently used in the BattleTech TCG are Davion, Marik, Kurita, Liao, Rasalhague. The BattleTech CCG featured BattleMechs, characters, and technology from the although when playing with official FASA rules, choosing cards for your deck. , KB, , BT players guide. , KB, , BT rules Clan. , KB, , BT rules sphere.

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Then your opponent plays Heavy Fog, giving each of your Units -2 attack.

BattleTech Trading Card Game

I made a mod for it as well, I haven’t published it yet because I still want to make playmats to help illustrate the game. These Mission cards typically modify which Units can or can’t block. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You could battletecg one card, deploy a card, construct that card, deploy another card, and construct that card.


I was hoping for more of like a walkthrough of a game. Assembly, Logistics, Munitions, Tactics, Politics. It could be worth it, I imagine to send a little scout in after a construction unit to reveal it doing “recon” before deciding if you want to send a larger force at it.

Jump If you use the Jump option on more than one of your Units, the initiative bonus is cumulative. If you enhance this Unit with Long-Range Targeting System, it can do a total of 5 damage to the target even if blocked. Gain R” on them. Mercenaries version only You may retrieve a Subterfuge card from anywhere in your Scrapheap, not just the top. Those decks can consist of any combination of cards the player desires, although when playing with official FASA rules, choosing cards for your deck will be limited, e.


Treat this battle as if it occurred during a mission, but Mission cards may not be played.

You mentioned that if a unit that’s under construction is successfully attacked, you have to reveal it. Bottom right corner is your Stockpile deck and Scrapheap discard. Tactics boosts your base Initiative by 1. Example John and Marsha both have Tactics in play, so they both have a base initiative of baytletech.

If you have two Units with Anti-Missile in a group, each missile fired at that group would deal -2 damage.

Battletech CCG tutorial? : battletech

Card Types You have access to the most powerful tools of war mankind has ever seen. Victory Condition After the entire effect of a card or ability has been assessed, check each Stockpile to see whether it has run out rukebook cards. Once a Mission card has been played, it remains in effect even if the game situation changes in a way that would make it illegal to play that Mission card. Unlimited states, “You may activate Ambush! Battle Armor Battle Armor may not be assigned to attack or block unless another Unit is also assigned to attack or block with it.

Forged Mission Orders Limited, Unlimited untaps a blocking Unit in addition to removing it from battle, so the Unit always becomes untapped. Linked in the mod too.


Choose any Unit or the target and deal 1 damage to it. Draw – Draw two cards one at a time.

The BattleTech TCG Players’ Guide

If an attack against a depleted Unit is blocked, you can still include rklebook Unit in the battle. Limited and Unlimited versions only Card text should read: Example Scrounger Crew LimitedUnlimited creates when it is activated.

You kind of treat it like colorless mana? LimitedUnlimited editions only Text should read: Vehicles When a Vehicle takes damage, roll a die.

I’ve only included the Cfg Edition so far, but I have scans of every card released. This means nothing if you don’t know how to use these tools. Unless the card says otherwise, use these abilities only when Mission cards would be played.

Can they be destroyed? So it would go to the scrap heap face down. This mission cannot be blocked.

Works just like Land in MTG. You’ll need to add some dice, probably want to just build your deck and save it to chest, then use a smaller table and such. Unique Cards Unique cards may not be put into play while another Unique card of the same title is in play.

Pilots Pilots may be played only on ‘Mechs, not on any other Unit types.