BenQ may not be one of the big names in the LCD TV business, but the company’s new DV is a compelling entry–namely because it’s one. The BenQ DV offers the highest brightness rating at nits, for brilliant screen images in your home. The ultra-wide degree view angle of the BenQ . Buy BenQ 37″ P HD LCD TV DV with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. Once you know, you Newegg!.

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The battle between LCD and plasma has never been much of a head-on conflict, as LCD has staked out the smaller panel ground and plasma has traditionally been the only choice for larger displays. Add to that the greater difficulty that LCD has had with black level blacks that actually look grayand there really has not been that much competition.

Benq DV Manuals

Things seem to be changing, and there has been a development in LCD panels that has added a new twist to things. Unique Features Until now, the most resolute fixed pixel, flat panel display i.


LCD or plasma that you could buy for use as a home theater display was xa resolution found on many LCD panels in the to inch range, and in plasma panels of 50 to 60 inches. Dv3705, a relatively new player in the home display front, has released one of the first x panels.

Yes, you read that right, a panel that is capable of a ev3750 p resolution!

Benq DV3750 Specifications

Not only that, but it is available only in the two larger sizes: If this sounds like LCDs vv3750 starting to encroach upon the territory of plasmas, you’re catching on.

It’s not that huge a jump to read the tea leaves and realize that a inch or larger x display is probably not that far off. I say surprisingly because once you read the feature list, the price starts to dv370 quite aggressive.

Not brnq does this panel have the aforementioned x resolution, but it comes with the Faroudja de-interlacing and scaling chipset to upscale all sources to the native resolution of the panel. This was an excellent choice, as Faroudja has traditionally been one of the better solutions for these purposes.

BenQ DV LCD HDTV Reviewed

Add in BenQ’s proprietary Senseye processing for color and contrast enhancement and an Instead of coming with the speakers xv3750 attached, BenQ sends them separately and makes you attach them yourself. This did not take long, and it wasn’t a major ordeal, but it was mildly annoying.


The second disappointment comes in the look of this unit. It’s not ugly, but no bejq money was wasted in making it look sleek, pretty, or stylish.

It has the trendy, silvery-aluminum finish, but it is rather plain and utilitarian-looking. Fortunately, once attached, the speakers actually help to give the display a bit of texture and style.

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BenQ DV3750 Manuals

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Continue to Page 2. Not much, says Scott Wasser. HomeTheaterReview’s Holiday AV Gift Guide Whether you’re looking for a little somethin-somethin to put under your own tree, or an AV gift for that someone special in your life, these are some of our favorites.