Home > Manual > MP40 Hardware Guide. Version: MP Description: Download the MP40 Hardware Guide to learn more about MP40 unit specifications and. 5. Finish drying with atmospheric air or with a warm blow dryer (hair dryer). Always follow the manufacturer’s directions. HARDWARE GUIDE. BioHarness User Guide: Multi-parameter Telemetry or Logging NIBPA ( Vasotrac) Noninvasive BP System User Guide · NIBPB BSL Hardware Guide.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. This Associate Professor Emeritus manual and the software it describes are copyrighted with all rights Indiana School of Medicine reserved. Under the law, copying includes translating into anotherFax language or format. Apple and Macintosh are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.

Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corp. Data and Calculations A. The area measurements should be for 1-sec hardwarw. Use the mean measurement from the table above to compute the percentage increase in EMG activity recorded between the weakest clench and the strongest clench of Forearm 1. Does there appear to be any difference in tonus between the two forearm clench muscles? Page 4 Biopac Student Lab Because tonus is influenced by many individual factors, tonus could differ between forearms if an individual uses one arm more than the other arm or if the muscle fibers were larger in one arm than the other arm.

Tonus is indirectly influenced by gender because muscle fiber size is influenced by testosterone levels, which vary between males and females. Compare the mean measurement for the right and left maximum clench EMG cluster.

Ibopac they the same or different? The larger measurement suggests greater clench strength because the strength of the muscle is dependent on the size cross-sectional area of the muscle fibers.

The greater the size of the muscle fibers, the greater the EMG.

Biopac student lab

What factors in addition to sex contribute to observed differences in clench strength? Clench strength can be influenced by resistance training of high-intensity, quick movements practiced in short bouts. Other factors affecting clench strength are recovery from fatigue and availability of energy stores.

Explain the source of signals detected by the EMG electrodes. Basically, signals detected by the EMG electrodes come from the electrical activity of the muscle. Depending on lecture material—the AP propagation of the sarcolemma. Other activities besides those of the muscle contribute a minor portion of the recording.

Bipoac unit recruitment is the activation of increasing numbers of motor units in a muscle to achieve graded levels of contractile strength. Define skeletal muscle tonus.

Skeletal muscle tonus is the baseline activity levels of a muscle. Electromyography is the study of recordings of muscle activity. You may not need nine peaks to reach max. Force at Raw Int. Is the strength of your right arm different than your left arm? Is there a difference in the absolute values of force generated by males and females in your class? Yes No What might explain any difference? Force generation is dependent on size cross-sectional area of viopac fibers.


The size differs with type of training and levels of testosterone. Resistance training of high-intensity quick actions in short bouts contribute to increased synthesis of actin and myosin and more crossbridge formation during contraction.

Page 6 Biopac Student Lab Testosterone affects muscle mass by increasing the number of myosin and actin proteins in muscle fibers. When holding an harware, does the number of motor units remain the same?

Are the same motor units hardare for the duration of holding the object? Yes, number of motor units remains the same.

No, different motor units are used in order to delay fatigue in specific motor units. As you fatigue, the force exerted by your muscles decreases.

What physiological processes explain the decline in strength? Generally, the muscle will fatigue prior to neuromuscular fatigue. Reducing the number of crossbridges reduces the force of the contraction. Define motor unit A motor unit consists of one motor neuron and the guidee fibers that the motor neuron innervates.

The motor neuron has many terminals with each terminal ending on a different muscle fiber.

Define motor unit recruitment Motor unit recruitment is the activation of increasing numbers of motor units yuide a muscle to achieve graded levels of contractile strength.

Define fatigue Fatigue is a drop in muscle force generation for a given level of stimulation.

Biopac student lab – Wikipedia

A definition for muscle fatigue is the physiological inability to contract. Define dynamometry Dynamometry is the study of power output of a muscle or group of muscles. The amplitude values are generally lower for lab situations than reported in Table 3.

Nardware and define two characteristics of regular, periodic waveforms. Frequency — number of wave cycles per unit of time.

MP System Hardware Guide – PDF

Amplitude — the height or peak measurement hhardware the cycle as measured from the baseline. Compare and contrast synchrony and alpha block. Synchrony occurs when the positive and negative input to the surface of the cerebral cortex occurs in unison under the recording electrode.

Alpha block occurs when the synchronous rhythmical input producing the alpha waves is desychronized less unison due to input from other parts of the brain.

Does desynchronization of the alpha rhythm occur when the eyes are open? Yes, there is less synchrony unison of input being recorded by the electrodes.

Page 8 Biopac Student Lab ii. Yes, the beta rhythm is characteristic of more alert states so there will be a shift in frequency away from the alpha rhythm so the alpha rhythm will decrease. However, the amplitude of the beta rhythm may not increase when the eyes are open. The amplitude of the rhythms is the sum of the input activity.

The amplitude measurements stddev are indicative of how much alpha activity is occurring in the subject. But, the amplitude values for beta do not truly reflect the amount of mental activity occurring with the eyes open. Same as above in D b. The amplitude recorded by the electrodes is the sum of hardwafe the inputs under the electrodes.


Examine the delta and theta rhythm.

Is there an increase in delta and theta activity when the eyes are open? These harwdare are variable between individuals and depend on their mental states while recording so answers will vary. Students can explain their observations: Define the following terms: Alpha rhythm Synchronized brain pattern with frequency of about Hz and varying amplitudes, associated with relaxed inattentive state.

Beta rhythm Brain pattern recorded of alert individual with hardwae of Hz, low amplitudes. Delta rhythm Brain pattern of slow frequencies Hz and variable amplitudes, reliably recorded during certain sleep phases. Theta rhythm Brain pattern of slow frequencies Hz and low amplitudes, reliably recorded during certain sleep phases. What is the frequency of an alpha rhythm from Segment 1 data? Hz Does this agree with the expected values? Yes No Expected frequency values for an alpha rhythm: You will need to calculate the difference between the Experimental Mean and the Control Mean.

Refer to Table 4. When was the general amplitude of the EEG highest? Hyperventilation tends to increase the amplitude of hardwarf EEG although the effect will vary with the effectiveness of hyperventilation in changing carbon dioxide and oxygen levels in the blood.

When were the alpha wave levels highest? The alpha wave levels tend to be highest when subjects are relaxed, drowsy, and inattentive.

According to recent research results, alpha wave levels increase with changing levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide, as may be induced by hyperventilation. How do your results compare with the information presented in the Introduction? Did Subject need to concentrate during math problems?

MP System Hardware Guide

Yes No How would the level of concentration required affect the data? If the math problems were too difficult, the Subject may just give up trying to answer, and since alpha activity is inversely correlated with attention or concentration, the alpha activity would increase.

If the math problems were too easy, the concentration level would be low, which also would result in increased alpha. A decrease in alpha activity will only occur when the Subject is properly challenged by the questions. What might account for the amplitude guiide of waves recorded from a subject tested alone, in a darkened room, and subjects tested in a lab full of students?

Page 10 Biopac Student Lab Distractions or stimuli that disrupt relaxation levels will affect amplitudes of the alpha wave. Delta and Theta waves also can be changed hardawre stimuli or emotional responses. Which conditions produced the lowest alpha activity?

guire Studies show that eyes open or attending to stimuli lowers alpha activity. Data and Calculations Normative values compiled from data in Basic Dysrhythmias: Interpretation and Management, 2e.