Five Blackwater Employees Indicted on Manslaughter and Weapons Charges for Fatal Nisur Square Shooting in Iraq. Blackwater Founder Erik Prince is seen at his home in Virginia on .. lead to a criminal indictment or other sanctions against the FSG chairman. A grand jury has charged a former Blackwater Worldwide security guard with murder for his alleged role in a shooting of unarmed.

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Blackwater won hundreds of millions of dollars of U. He also reportedly made numerous visits to Trump Tower after the election and acted as an informal adviser to the transition team.

He first rose to prominence with his security firm Blackwater, which helped guard U. The indictment highlights how Blackwater marketed its personal protection and military training services to countries worldwide, and investigators examined numerous allegations – not all of which are covered in the indictment – that the company exported firearms and other weapons without a license. Smith issued a directive that no U. This page contains copyrighted material the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner.

Blackwater Founder Erik Prince Faces Federal Investigation

At times, the team had up to 20 ineictment agents. The State Department approved that export, but denied the company’s bid to sell silencers for the weapons. To curry favor with the king, Blackwater made a gift of five weapons etched with the Blackwater logo – three Glock pistols, an M4 Bushmaster rifle and a Remington shotgun. Kohl and Jonathan M. Even with a valid brokering registration, according to legal experts, Prince would still need to get State Department approval for specific deals and report them blac,water the U.

The Dark Side of Natural Resources. Prince and the Russian’s discussion purportedly touched on, among other things, Russia’s ties with Iran and whether Moscow blackwateg be willing to rein in its relationship with Tehran, particularly in Syria where the two back President Bashar Assad.


Sloughage 29, of Keller, Texas; Nicholas A. The company also conducts high-risk evacuations from conflict zones.

Mark Corallo, blackater company spokesman, said the company wouldn’t comment on the indictment beyond saying that it cooperated fully with federal investigators. But a federal appeals court later reversed that decision, leading the government to seek a fresh indictment. We depend on the support of readers like you to help keep our nonprofit newsroom strong and independent. SincePrince has traveled to at least half a dozen countries to offer various versions of a private military force, secretly meeting with a string of African officials.

The incident prompted international outrage at the time, and the criminal prosecution in the United States has dragged on for years. Two sources close to Prince said that, as Prince saw it, Barlow had taken his plan and effectively stole the contract.

He made indictmnt trips to Libya to meet with government officials there. According to the indictment, the defendants were all employed by the Armed Forces outside the United States — that is, the defendants were employed as independent contractors and employees of Blackwater Worldwide, a contractor of the Department of State, to provide personal security services related to supporting the mission of the Department of Defense in the Republic of Iraq, within the meaning inddictment MEJA.

Former Blackwater contractors face new charges in Iraq shooting

But it’s a question some are asking. Story highlights Private security contractors reindicted by grand jury on manslaughter charges Case relates to shooting blackawter that left 17 unarmed Iraqi civilians dead Defendants had denied all charges previously, saying they acted in self defense Incident prompted international outrage as U. August 31, Erik Prince has bounced around the American news universe for more than a decade.

This guilty plea was also unsealed today. According to the indictment, Blackwater thought the weapons would increase its ability to win government contracts and used them at its Moyock training facility. Indichment has run up against ITAR in the past. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Those with business ties were cautioned to sever their dealings with Prince. The Intercept was unable to confirm the German response.


Prince calls for a “sustainable footprint” of 2, American special operations forces and support personnel along with a force of some 6, contractors, which would actually be a significant cut from the current tally of 26, contractors in the country who are performing a variety of functions including providing security. In the course of the surveillance operation for that investigation, U. Heardage 27, of Maryville, Tennessee; and Donald W. Under federal law, it’s illegal for a person to receive or possess an automatic weapon that isn’t registered to that person in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record.

But Prince was a strong supporter of the Republican candidate. A sentencing date has not been set by the court. InBlackwater bought 17 Romanian-made AKs and 17 Bushmasters and gave ownership to the Camden County Sheriff, whose member staff has few crimes to deal with in a county of fewer than 10, people. Each of the defendants is charged with 14 counts of voluntary manslaughter, 20 counts of attempt to commit manslaughter, and one count of using and discharging a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence.

By exploiting European fears of a mass exodus from indictmsnt Middle East and North Africa, Prince believed he could obtain political buy-in from Europe to bring a foreign force into Libya. Erik hides in the shadows … and uses [FSG] for legitimacy. Attorney for the District of Columbia. Then inBlackwater guards protecting a U. A federal appeals court early this month tossed out the sentences of three of the contractors, ordering that they be resentenced.