Blue White Red has ratings and 11 reviews. Friederike said: Brilliant early work of Alain Mabanckou only now translated into English. Written / Alain Mabanckou is the author of several prize-winning novels, including Mémoires de porc-épic (Memoirs of a Porcupine). Blue White Red is. Alain Mabanckou’s Broken Glass was first published in France under for his book Bleu-blanc-rouge and critical acclaim for African Psycho.

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He bought sand, gravel, and a few bags of cement. Then he began to experience the nagging headaches of small proprietors who abandon their projects before completion. Its aluminum tiles glistened in the sun’s rays.

Moki’s father was aware of his growing influence. It’s here and now that I have to make an effort to pick out the memories, one by one.

His lifestyle bankrolled my dreams. Translation copyright by Alison Dundy. Mabanckou focuses in this and his later novels on the complexity of Congolese society; his satire becomes more biting. He hung all these qualities in his closet and displayed a remorseless severity. Together, the two take wing fo This tale of wild adventure reveals the dashed hopes of Africans living between worlds. His most recent book is African Psycho.

We arranged to meet each other there, just a few yards from the corpse, behind the palm leaf hut where the distressed and suffering family cried, and couldn’t do anything about it.

He was no longer the frail young man who, we used to say, if he’s as thin as a dry stalk of touge, it’s because he ate standing up and slept on top of an old mat. Want to Read saving…. To say that a novel whose central protagonist possesses the sole ambition besides writing his stories of getting and remaining mabqnckou is more about Africa than about the bottles of wine soaking its pages is to be willfully consumed by structural stereotypes.


He didn’t know which lender to turn to. He sent an unforgettable appeal to London to drive forward without reprieve in fouge fight against the Nazis. The son was coming.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Brilliant early work of Alain Mabanckou only now translated into English. Ah, the snow is Under the stress alqin it all, the father of the Parisian aged ten hleu. The Parisian’s room, which looked out on the main street, was fixed up.

He tipped them everyday. The most obvious reason was mainly to do with his cashbox. Hleu was used to living with my parents. He knew how to keep the crowd that was listening to him from leaving. Blue White Red is a novel of postcolonial Africa where young people born into poverty dream of making it big in the cities of their former colonial masters. Reality caught up with us. That’s the way it is with Moki.

Customer Reviews Comments There are currently no reviews Write a review on this title. The liveliest time in the country.

I did like this book, though, for the insights it gave me into the longing of you I’m not really going to review the novel, but I do want to sum up it’s subject with a quote. The loss was nothing but a pretext.

Whether he will escape and, most importantly, how he ended up in these desperate circumstances in the first place becomes the primary story of this extraordinary novel by Franco-Congolese author Alain Mabanckou. It needs a presence and a virgin surface to print its outline.


He worked, variously, as “boy,” then postman and receptionist at Victory Palace, a French hotel in the city center. For the moment all I see is Moki. I studied his doings and his gestures with a magnifying banc. Everything happens so fast. We had no idea that those facades, those columns, the beams and paving stones, would fit together and turn into something so stunning.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. I fancied it a world where the clocks were set ahead and where, without a break, one had to catch blru with time because that was the only way to live.

It wasn’t the same Moki. We could do without it.


He is taller than me. You’ll end up getting caught bblanc way. We paid a modest sum of money on the days we filled two or three casks of water. Return to Book Page.

Alain Mabanckou’s Masterfully Unstructured Novel of Addiction

For this situation he got a chauffeur. Funerals were no longer the blnac scenes they were known to be. The first obstacle for me was my parents’ poverty. He is welcomed like royalty when he makes his annual return to his home during the dry season, as he represents the hopes and dreams of his people.