Branson X Series ultrasonic assembly systems offer you a range of system models with varying process control levels and functionalities to match your. Search in Branson Ultrasonics catalogs and technical brochures on Branson Ultrasonics logo .. ULTRASONIC ASSEMBLY SYSTEMS X ea/ae. 4 Pages . on the part of InfinityQS International, Inc. This manual and the software described herein are . Configuring Branson X Power Supply.

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Plasticizers are high-temperature boiling organicliquids or low-temperature melting solids which areadded to resins to impart flexibility. More than sixty years in the plastics joining industry have provided Branson Ultrasonics Corp.

The cup hornenables sonification of a samplewithout the horn coming incontact Reposition internal parts to prevent contact during weld cycle. The Branson Xc Micro Actuator combines precise and consistent manjal welds with detailed data, fast cycle time, and process control in majual compact form factor.

The Branson Xc combines precise and consistent high-quality welds with detailed data, fast cycle times and process control. Weld cycle is too long. Check air supply line capacity vs. Evencross ribs which create separate compartments canbe sealed.


Too much energy into the part. Serviceability – All electrical and pneu-matic components are easily accessible forservice and maintenance.

Emerson X Troubleshooting |

Here the first 4 pages from the catalog “Ultrasonic Wire Cleaning” P. Check part dimensions and flatness Check molding conditions. Use nodally-mounted device to dampen energy locally.

Reduce percentage of filler. Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “Branson B-Series” P. Modify fixture to prevent outward flexure. Weld time too long. The solid weld flash makes this techniqueattractive for industrial parts assembly. Revised manuzl osijeofn printed keoijsdon in the U.

Presence of mold release. Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “DHA” P. The dimensions of the horn and theoutput control setting determinethe amount of amplitude tip movement and degree of ultrasonicactivity Lack of proper alignment feature between mating parts.

All Branson Ultrasonics catalogs and technical brochures

Vibration WeldingVibration welding creates high-strength, leakproof hermetic seals with most thermoplasticsand is useful for assembling irregularly shaped parts.

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For more than 50 years Branson has been developingand refining plastics joining technologies, creating a culture LaboratoryJewelryThoroughly removes blood, protein, and contaminants onThoroughly cleans and Add ribs or gussets to part.

Branson vapor degreasing equipment isdesigned Gate located near joint. Change shape of gate. Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “Branson Spin Welders” P. Radius all sharp corners. Check fit of horn Visually check for cracked horn.

Reduce amplitude by changing to a lower gain booster, or step amplitude. Eliminate horn contact over diaphragm area. Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “Flow-Thru Horn” P. Lipids, blood, and proteins areeasily removed from the capillarybore bfanson Horns probes transmit ultrasonic energy into a solution.