A shaving horse, called a “shaveshorse,” by Lie-Nielsen, is designed for shaping long narrow pieces of wood. You sit on one end and pull a. The Lie-Nielsen shavehorse designed by Brian Boggs Woodworking Projects, Wood . Discover The Boggs Shaving Horse and The Story Behind The Design. A shaving horse plan which proved very well in the practice, and which Showing Brian Boggs new shaving horse design and how the shave horse moves.

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On the right I am using the set-up block to register the blade in the honing guide. The main body of this horse can be made from a single 2 x 10 x So for concave work I always use the knife bevel down. The micro-bevel on this blade is getting large, so the primary bevel will need to be reground soon.

There are lots of drawknives available, from antique knives that you can find in flea markets or on eBay to excellent knives shvaing by contemporary tool makers. Using this tool will naturally put a micro-bevel on the back of the blade which makes it ideal for bdian up knives and works fine for bevel down knives. This full-contact workbench is essentially a foot-operated brain, designed to carefully grip a workpiece in a variety of orientations so it can be shaped with hand tools.

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Tea Light Candle Holder Christian Becksvoort shows you how to empty out that scrap bin by making a beautiful handmade candle holder. For a drawknife that will be used exclusively bevel down, a flat bevel and a completely flat back will work. Side Chair Build Archive. This allows the knife to enter a concave area and make a smooth cut all the way through.


On the right, in the Lie-Nielsen, the handles are essentially parallel to the back of the blade.

Shaving Horse by Brian Boggs

The very last step is to take the edge of the blade and draw it through the front corner of the end grain of the maple block. Mixing milk paint, layering it, and finally rubbing out the finish bring the…. Member-Only Sign in or become a member to access this story Sign In. Is it a learnable skill? FineWoodworking Main Menu Subscribe. Taunton Workshops In-depth online classes from the experts at Fine Woodworking. sbaving

He has completely beian the clamping head which now has an internal ratchet. Brian has also produced a set of plans to dhaving a slightly simpler version of his new shaving horse. The painting and finishing process of the saddle lid box is where it really starts to sing.

If you ever expect to use the knife with the bevel up, a completely flat back will tend to dig into the wood rather than let you make a smooth entry into and out of a cut.

Shaving horse – Brian Boggs – Lie-Nielsen

The tool kit includes a drawknife for initial stock removal as well as end grain finish cuts, a flat bottom spokeshave for flat and convex cuts, a round bottom spokeshave for concave cuts, and a card scraper for final surface shaping and removal of any tear-out. Drawknives There are lots of drawknives available, from antique knives that you can find in flea markets or on eBay to excellent knives made by contemporary tool makers. Curved or straight blade.

His shop in Asheville, NC is producing a limited run of shaving horses but you have to order by December 31st.

suaving Here you can see the difference between the sole of the flat bottom top compared to the sole of the round bottom bottom. As you can see, in the Witherby on the left, the handles cant backward compared the back of the blade.


The photo on the right shows an early version of the smarthead mechanism and treadle grafted onto a Boggs-style frame. Look for blades that are as clean as possible.

Brian Boggs’ new shaving horse and Good Design Award – FineWoodworking

With so many people making chairs and carving spoons, the shaving horse is making a comeback and can be found in more shops than ever before. Sign up Log in. Drawknives can be a challenge to sharpen with their long, curved blades. If you can only afford one spokeshave buy the round bottom — it is designed for concave work, but can also be used on flat and convex work.

Condition of the blade. In fact, any organically shaped workpiece is a challenge for the standard bench, which is why shaving horses are so popular among chair makers.

Lie-Nielsen says that you can bend the handles to your desired position, but recommends that you do so only once. Newsletter Get woodworking tips, expert advice and special offers in your inbox.

Building a Chippendale Chair. The instructions that come with the guide suggest that the blade be clamped below the horizontal bars, with the bevel angle being controlled by the distance that the blade projects beyond the bar.

You will have to make your decision on this issue based on your knife, the kind of work you do, and what works best for you. If you are pretty good at the grinder this option works very well and is faster.