Answer: British Israelism, also known as Anglo-Israelism, is the belief that the ” lost ten tribes” of Israel migrated to Europe and then to England and became the . British-Israel teaching was peripheral to mainline Christianity, but was in many ways similar to dispensationalism, another system of biblical prophecy that. British Israelism. Q: There seems to be very little written on the subject of British Israelism. Would you please explain what this is, and how this teaching affects.

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I can answer in one word—the establishment of the kingdom of God hritish the Israel people as its center, its driving force, in this divine earthly government.

From Holy War to Modern Terror.

They are not specialists in these fields at all—yet they would speak as one having authority, as skilled experts, in branches of research concerning which they are as unschooled and unskilled as a layman in the field of sciences. Dunlop to state whether he regards him as an infiltrator. If the house of Hanover lately Brunswick is the house of Israel, and the throne of England is the throne of David, britsih are we? Often, this translated into a separation from the political system and social mores of their day.

Dunlop’s Amalgamation Theory, which we will consider next. I was assured that the Saxon people were a Gentile people, inferior as regards race to the Jews, and I remember asking my father “If the Jews are God’s chosen people, why is such a wonderful Empire Britain Jesus said that he was a Jew Jn 4: British Israelism itself is a non-racist ideology. The expression “lost sheep of the house of Israel” denotes their spiritual condition.

  ANSELL 11-510 PDF

The distinction between the house of Israel and the house of Judah was not simply a genealogical exercise: It is obviously a prophetic reference to Jesus Christ, who is the only rightful claimant and reigning occupant of the divine throne of David, the birtish of which is not on earth but in heaven, and the dominion of which is not temporal but spiritual. Let it be observed here that Pilate asked only one question.

British-Israel-World Federation

Anglo-Israelists say there were “no Jews” in that “house. Then, they think, George the Sixth will step off and Jesus Christ will step on! Let us look into the uses of these terms in both the Old Testament and New Testament and thus determine if the Anglo-Israel claim of a difference is in fact a true distinction.

He was the same kind of a Jew that the other fellow was of iraelism Egyptian. Headship is conferred on us.

In the decade Southern California was subjected to an accentuated radio propaganda campaign under the leadership israleism the Doctor John Matthews, an ex-Presbyterian clergyman, whose challenges were accepted by the elders of the Central Church of Christ, in Los Angeles, resulting in the discussion to which reference has been made.

Totten, the Yale military instructor who wrote volumes on British-Israelism.

Britain-Israel, Fact or Fiction?

In order for the Anglo-Israelists to prove their theory there are a few things they must of necessity prove:. Due to the expansive nature of the British Empirebelievers in British Israelism spread worldwide and the BIWF expanded its organization to the commonwealth.

The Jewish evidence furthermore proves that they were not merely spiritually lost, but physically as regards their identity. And by great waters the seed of Sihor, the harvest of the river, is her revenue; and she is a mart of nations.

But Paul called Israel his nation—Acts The passage from Hosea is also quoted by Paul in Rom. So they are not Isaac-sons at all. It is a known fact that all through the centuries, before and after the time of Martin Luther, Germany has furnished some of the most learned and pious scholars and commentators the religious world has ever known. Would you please explain what this is, and how this teaching affects Christianity today?


There is a distinct similarity in the origination of these episodes, a resemblance in the characters of the men, and in the cues to their religious fictions, particularly in the purported saga of the ten tribes of Israel upon which the respective movements were founded. The earthly king was a rebellion, never a part of the promise, nor of the original setup, and an earthly king has nothing to do with the fulfillment of God’s promises to Israel.

Here Jesus commanded the twelve to “go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Sixth, Ezra referred to the proclamation of Cyrus for the release of the Jews from Babylon, which was addressed to “all his people,” and named the place where the house of God was built as “the land of Judah”—Ezra 1: Then who were in “that house” in Babylon?

Let us now study the statements of other prophets regarding the same thing.

But we will notice their claims concerning philology. This page was last modified on 13 Januaryat The first covenant was done away and the second covenant was made with all Christians. In some versions, the tribes migrated directly to the British Isles.