The book is made of two parts: the first one is a detailed exploration of the litterature around Pasteur’s rise from obscurity to fame and of the corresponding. The Pasteurization of France [Bruno Latour, Alan Sheridan, John Law] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What can one man accomplish. The pasteurization of France: Bruno Latour, translated by Alan Sheridan and John Law (Cambridge, Massachusetts and London: Harvard University Press.

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This book is about the complex networks among nature, science, and society, but to clarify the relation of forces, it is divided into two parts, as the French title alludes. The fulcrum provided by bacteriology should not let us forget that the enormous social movement was working for that mixture of urbanism, consumer protection, ecology as we would say nowadaysdefense of the environment, and moralization summed up by the word hygiene.

Create a free personal account to access your subscriptions, sign up for alerts, and more. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. With a min- pasteugization of effort and at the cost of trifling losses, despite almost unex- ampled muddle the most important results of the whole campaign were obtained” p.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. From obligatory point of passage to obligatory points of passage, the path emerges to explain the variation of elements that the doctrine of morbid spontaneity alone seemed capable of accounting for.

To understand the greatness of a man all the actors in which he associates must be examined. Where would the hygienist movement have gone without Pasteur and his followers? If we recall the way in which different authors place Pasteur when they begin to talk about him in the early s, we are struck by one overwhelming fact: Third, in no other scientific or technological innovation has there been so short a route between fundamental re- search and its rapid, far-reaching application — so much so that it is reasonable to wonder whether this is not the only example, which has been exaggerated into a general law.


Koch finds all this premature. So the primary mechanism was the same. The weak became strong simply by changing the point of application of their efforts. The enemy may then be crushed.

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The Pasteurization of France – Bruno Latour – Google Books

Hygiene in the Revue Scientifique can be defined as a style. The hygiene congresses were, like Bouchar- dat’s style, an attic in which everything was kept because sometime it might come in handy. It could not go on like that. Citations are based on reference standards.

To explain does not mean to confine the analysis to the “influences” exerted “on” Pasteur or to the “social conditions” that “accelerated” or “slowed down” his successes.

This was the obligatory point of passage: Fortunately, the period offers us a great many control groups that react differently to Pasteur’s enterprise. It proliferates; the woman dies; you lose a client Duclaux: Before, they could not decide. Irreduction of The Sciences. He found the flaw in non modernism and he now has the task of creating an alternative without this flaw. Pasteur, by the laboratory at Montsouris [run by Miquel, a microbiologist], and by the municipal chemistry laboratory of the city of Paris.

Tolstoy succeeded, and the whole of recent history supports his theories as to the relative importance of great men in relation to the overall movements that are represented or appropriated by a few eponymous figures. Here again we must not, in our study of the texts, be more precise than the Revue itself.

The pasteurization of France

We always say, for instance, that time is ir- reversible. Julia rated it liked it May 29, Everything actors, actions, and power relations in the story reviews on the scientific literature of the time will be explained if we do not predetermine who will be the main character.

They believed that anything could possibly cause illness so that nothing could be ignored. It is immensely stimulating, intelligent, and funny.

The same goes for the war. We cannot “explain” their actions and decisions by “mere” political motives or interests which in any case would be very difficult to do.


They must simplify the precautions to be taken. If we really wanted to paeteurization history, we would have to accept the lesson that the actors themselves give us.

Introduction 5 called anthrax. There are not only “social” relations, relations between man and man.

The Pasteurization of France

In order to understand what constituted Pasteurism up to the end of the century, we must understand what the Pasteurians, few in number, offered the hygienists.

While in Africa he became interested in the social sciences, particularly anthropology. After the style of the hy- gienists could be recognized at a glance. The civilian doctors were slow to adopt Pasteur. How was he able to galvanize the other forces to support his own research? The hygienists were not “credulous.

Strong Microbes and Weak Hygienists 15 If the whole of Europe transformed its conditions of existence at the end of the last century, we should not attribute the efficacy of this extraordinary leap forward to the great genius of a single man.

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To explain bacteriology is not, then, to reduce Pasteur to the po- sition of a social group. Peter has pasteurizstion described as an obscurantist buffoon, but he was the only one to put up any kind of a fight against Pasteur’s medical coup d’etat. But I have some questions and remarks. The immense trust in Pasteur derived partly from the work that he had done beforewhich did not concern infectious dis- eases, and partly from the social movement that needed these dis- coveries but went well beyond them without waiting for them to be made.