PA, 12 Channel Powered Mixer, Console Mixer. PA, 4 Channel W PA Mixer, Console Mixer. PA, 6 Channel W PA Mixer, Console Mixer. Find great deals for Carvin Pa Power Transformer – c. Shop with confidence on eBay!. I bought a used Carvin PA W powered mixer that I intend to use as a ” basement PA” only (i.e., probably not for gigs) to run vocal.

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Login or Sign Up. Join the HC Newsletter. Hi forum, I am setting up a rehearsal space for my son and his bandmates. The music is primarily rock: My questions is about setting up the PA for vocals: Is this mixer powerful enough W to use for basement rehearsals?

I was thinking 2×12″ cabs with W RMS capacity Are the speakers just for rehearsals or are you going to use them for FOH? I suggest picking up some wedge monitors so you can use them for rehearsals and as monitors live. The mixer should be adequate for vocals at rehearsals but probably not live. This should help them learn that the best sound comes from lower stage volumes. They may need to turn their amps down to hear vocals.

This is a good thing. The earlier they learn to control stage volume the better off they, you and their eventual audiences will be. Welcome to the forum. There’s also a negative side. Thompson Band promo shots on railroad tracks were cool in I love your advice on moderate stage volumes.

My son and most of his bandmates are School of Rock students, so they are getting excellent instruction on performance techniques. This was one reason I decided the PA was a good deal — my son said they often mix the monitors and mains differently at shows to keep their stage volume in check. So, any monitor spec I should avoid? For example, I assume a W powered mixer means W per side, right?

What range watts should each wedge be to sound good but avoid distorted vocals or an overheated mixer? Just about any 8 ohm cabinet will do. So now comes the fun part What RoadRanger suggests may or may not be.


They are plywood, carvln light neodymium magnets in the woofers, a real compression driver for the highs, and a truck bed liner like finish, which many prefer to the carpet “rat fur” of most cheaper cabinets. On the other hand they are a no name, with pretty bottom end components. They just have to be to be priced that low.

You just have to decide the priorities. For practice you may not need stellar sound and for stage monitors during performances these may be OK.

No matter how good you are, ultimately you aren’t any better than the speaker that’s reproducing your sound. Who wants to drive a Porsche with snow tires? IMO, the lowest price speaker worth owning is a Yamaha Club series. From there the sky is the limit. Ultimately you want something that is very efficient too. That amp isn’t putting out much power, but carviin efficient speaker can make up for that. I don’t know about the speakers being suggested, but the Yamaha’s are reasonably efficient.

I started out with a couple of 12″ Club series and a low wattage powered mixer for practices myself. I’d look for something fairly efficient. It’s loud and light,and has handled being drug around very well.

Carvin PA 620 Powered Mixer

I use it as my personal monitor on stage and its clearer than the peaveys that we also use. There’s nothing to see here. My bands Carvun page, https: That means that each 8 ohm speaker would only get watts from the Xarvin It would be OK for annoucements and Bingo Calling. In the smallest usable PA you really want to start at rms watts speaker or watts into 4 ohms. I owned and worked with small PAs back in my teens, a long time ago Bass, Drums, Guitars, and Keys?

Not a hope in hell.

Carvin PA Powered Mixer Reviews & Prices | Equipboard®

Save your money and look for a used Peavey on Craigslist. May you be in Heaven Half an Hour Before the Devil Knows you’re Dead! I took the Road less traveled Or, use what I use for rehersal I use 4 floor wedge monitors. This is great for practice, and works as my stage monitor setup so 2 birds with 1 carvni and such. Don’t waste your time on cheap speakers. If you read some of my posts, I repeatedly go through our cheap speaker experience.


Don’t do what we did. We ended up with the actual FOH speakers we wanted in the end. They aren’t Meyers or EAW’s but they are perfect for our needs. Just love how equipment that was fine for making real money in the 60s and 70s isn’t considered adequate to make BS money today.

No subs were being used in that college town back then by anyone. Weren’t excessive subs one of the disco inovations? My point is that it can be done in ways that aren’t pz620 obvious.

Too much equipment is always a nice option, but beginning rockers need to go through the “we can only afford Just like most of us started out. That’s a long way to the Roland VK with leslies that I gig through now.

Totally agree about buying quality equipment. Doesn’t have to be the top of the line. Should be in the upper half of what’s designed for your needs. If the band breaks up, you don’t lose as much value. Cheap stuff isn’t much cheaper, but it has nearly no resale value. At one point a Ford Model T was just fine for transportation, too.

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Those sound systems from the 60s would be neat to own but xarvin are no longer state of the art. It is funny seeing old early Help FAQs Go to top. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website.

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