The method of Hittorf is based on concentration changes in the anodic region and cathodic region in an electrolytic cell, caused by the passage of current. range and agree with the literature values obtained by the Hittorf method. à la température de °C. La cellule est une pile de concentration avec deux. cellule d‟électrolyse d‟aluminium se heurte aux conditions sévères qui y mélanges cryolithe-alumine selon le principe de la methode de Hittorf-I. mise en.

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Doping by diffusion to increase the conductivity of these substances. On forme les jonctions jouant la fonction de redresseurs ou jonction ou Forming junctions playing rectifying function or junction or. L’industrie des semi-conducteurs a poursuivi ses recherches en vue de mettre au point des substances semi-conductrices en outre le silicium The semiconductor industry has continued research in order to develop semiconducting materials in addition to silicon. In was used many other semi substances -conductrices for.

Although some known forms of phosphorus are expected to have semiconductor properties, many are unstable, highly oxidized and reactive, and it knows no known form of phosphorus that could be successfully used as a semiconductor useful. Structure of the Elements “Jerry Donahue, published in Power can not be readily determined.

We have found a family polyphosphides alkali metal having useful optical and mechanical semiconducting properties. La composition et la structure de la famille-des polyphosphures se distinguent clairement des semi-conducteurs connus: Les recherches ont fait beaucoup pour clarifier cet aspect du phos- Research has done much to clarify this aspect of phosphoric. La structure cristalline consiste en double couche de tubes pen- The crystal structure consists of double tube layer Pen.

Les cristaux du phosphore de Hittorf sont un peu plus grands The Hittorf of phosphorus crystals are slightly larger. About microns thatthe phosphorus violet microcrystals. M Px polycrystalline ribbons. Results X-ray, Raman spectrum and photoluminescence. One can calculate an effective electronic activity of P network 15 based on the ionization energies of alkali metals, all being at least equal to 5. KP 15 resulting from the doping process according to the present invention.

Thus, a glass Cs P 7. We condensed product and, amorphous films. During the production by vapor transfer of the filament 15 KP. It was also found that this amorphous film has a band slot of the order of 1. X appears to be between about and 10, It employs the formula M Px to represent all polyphosphides.


Pour tous les polyphosphures, les 3 liaisons covalentes phosphore- For all polyphosphides, covalent bonds phosphorus Their conductivities are in the range between 5 and O-i 12 ohm-cm All this s-doping methods are part of the present invention.

Suitable applications of semiconductors. Les plus grands cristaux que nous avons obtenus sous la forme de la The larger crystals we obtained in the form of. L’invention a en outre pour objet des nouvelles formes de substances The invention further relates to new forms of substances. Les autres buts de l’invention sont soit apparents, soit apparai- Other objects of the invention are either apparent or apparai.

Obviously, these figures correspond to embodiments. Prior to transfer, washed phosphorus repeatedly using. Rients a high crystal quality at the polycrystalline and amorphous state. L’arsenic forme une structure lamellaire ayant un angle de liaison Arsenic forms a lamellar structure having a bonding angle. These tubes are connected by bridges PMP. XRD powder diffraction spectra. P’ du groupe 5 a As, Bi, Sb. P of the Group 5 As, Bi, Sb. A product of deposition or condensation from the steam.

Similarly, we can greatly reduce the formation of sub. It was also found that MP 5 is formed polycrystalline pasdans.

Products choosing appropriate deposition temperature ranges. Finally amorphous substances are deposited even when the temperature. Profiles 1, hkttorf and 3 were used independently on separate samples to produce products. The temperature readings are accurate estimated at 5 C.

The readings of the positions are estimated accurate to 5 cm. Gradients thermiques qui favorisent la croissance des substances po- C. Thermal gradients that promote growth substances po. Le premier essai, sujet de la description dellule l’exemple 3, a consis- Hittor first trial, about the description of Example 3, has Consist. Exemple 3 example 3. Production of cylindrical balls amorphous polyphosphides It is evident from the experiments described in section C that.

This is in prin. It was therefore necessary to discriminate the formation of other substances.

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Exemple 4 example 4. It supports the reaction furnace tube by two rings of asbestos ribbons. Constituants mineurs des substances M Px amorphes minor components Px amorphous substances M. Analyse humide sauf indication contraire. Wet analysis unless otherwise noted. E metal content measured by flame emission spectroscopy in atomic ratio. Exemple 6 example 6. Exemple 7 example 7.

Allotropi del fosforo – Wikipedia

De la sorte, il se trouve qu’une partie notable de l’appareil est endehors it so, it is found that a substantial portion of the apparatus is endehors. Domaines des conditions pour le transfert de vapeur de source uni- Areas of the conditions for the transfer of steam source uni. This is intended to increase the fluidity of component. It is also possible the hot tube for a cooling period greater than 10 hours. Exemple 8 example hottorf. Wind easily removed from the mill and be crushed in a tamiis 12 mesh.


Mode de broyage Celllue. Crushing conventional ball rotation. Cryogenic and vibratory grinding for the other metals of Group 5a. Broyeur hitotrf vibratory mill. There were no significant agglomeration of the product were separated balls of the product on the sieve was collected in total Les substances obtenues par ces techniques sont des cristaux ou The substances obtained by these techniques are crystals or.

United Min – United Min. Johnson Matthey 42,0 ,0 41,0 94,5 66,0 94,5 ambiante ambiante ambiante ambiante 98 C 66 h C 3,5 h Johnson Matthey United Min- United Min.

As ration has hittorrf been milled As finely divided form no agglomeration tou i Days not comminuted -j j.

Atomergi c Chemetal s Atomergi c Chemetal s. Alfal Ventron- Alfal Ventron. Alfal Vent ron- Alfal Wind ron. Wind be formed in clusters balls by the vapor transfer technique. Il existe de hitttorf articles scientifiques couvrant la chimie et There are many scientific articles covering chemistry and. In P may apply simpleton with different etch rates. SING with rates reproducible attack. This etching treatment after 30 seconds.

La figure 22 est une photomicrographie avec un grossissement celluls 22 is a photomicrograph at a magnification of. Optical measurements on samples having no contact elec.

Electrical measurements on single contacts behavior li. Zeiss spectrometer 2 IR and visible ray, low temperature bittorf 4 K and laser excitation, measurement on samples 2 and 4, C to K in a vacuum chamber. Stability is based on visual inspection.

DTA Fe thermal analysis. ASDthermal gravimetric analysis. Les boules de M Px amorphe en mniasse, obtenues par transfert de vapeur The balls of M Px amorphous mniasse obtained by vapor transfer.

Finished slats miroirde high quality, approximately 0. The Ni concentration is greater than about 1 atom percent. Milaire-under the same conditions of preparation.

Z 5 fiber defects and voids and a uniform etching. Cu forms a junction with these substances. P Ni, Ti, Mg and Ag used as surface contact.