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To Select Run Mode Turning Power On And Off Table Of Contents Read This First Selecting Icons And Entering Modes Using The Set Up Screen Special Display Formats When You Keep Having Problems Chapter 1 Basic Operation Before Starting Calculations Option optn Menu Variable Data vars Menu Program prgm Menu Chapter 2 Manual Calculations Chapter 3 Numerical Calculations Before Performing A Calculation Quadratic Differential Calculations Chapter 4 Complex Numbers Performing Complex Number Calculations Selecting A Number System Negative Values And Bitwise Operations Chapter 6 Matrix Calculations Before Performing Matrix Calculations Matrix Cell Operations Modifying Matrices Using Matrix Commands Chapter 7 Equation Calculations Before Beginning An Equation Calculation Quadratic And Cubic Equations Chapter 8 Graphing View Window v-window Settings Graph Function Operations Drawing Graphs Manually Other Graphing Functions Chapter 9 Graph Solve Before Using Graph Solve Analyzing A Function Graph Chapter 10 Sketch Function Before Using The Sketch Function Graphing With The Sketch Function Chapter 11 Dual Graph Before Using Dual Graph Chapter 12 Graph-to-table Before Using Graph-to-table Chapter 13 Dynamic Graph Before Using Dynamic Graph Drawing A Dynamic Graph Using Dynamic Graph Memory Dynamic Graph Application Examples Chapter 14 Conic Section Graphs Before Graphing A Conic Section Graphing A Conic Section Conic Section Mannual Analysis Editing And Deleting Functions Editing Tables And Drawing Graphs Chapter 16 Recursion Table And Graph Chapter 17 List Function List Data Linking Editing And Crx-9850gc Lists Manipulating List Data Arithmetic Calculations Using Lists Switching Between List Files Chapter 18 Statistical Graphs Plu Calculations Before Performing Statistical Calculations Paired-variable Statistical Calculation Examples Performing Statistical Calculations Chapter 19 Financial Calculations Before Performing Financial Calculations Simple Interest Calculations Compound Interest Calculations Amortization Of A Loan Cost, Selling Price, Margin Calculations Chapter 20 Programming Debugging A Program Searching For A File Deleting A Program Useful Program Commands Using Calculator Functions In Programs Chapter 21 Data Communications Connecting Two Units Performing A Data Transfer Operation Screen Send Function Data Communications Precautions Chapter 22 Program Library Prime Factor Analysis Greatest Common Measure Circle And Tangents Rotating A Figure Appendix A Resetting The Calculator Appendix B Power Supply Appendix C Error Message Table Appendix D Input Ranges Appendix E Specifications Program Mode Command List Generating Cfx-9850fc Table Statistical Graphs and Cfx-985gc.


Table of contents Before Performing Statistical Calculations Table of contents Before Programming Table of contents Before Performing Financial Calculations Table of contents List Data Linking