RULES. Here are the Basic Rules. Not including the required safety equipment that you’ll need – roll-cage, racing seat, racing harness — your car must be valued . To enter an event, competitors are required to select a vehicle from the list of cars at the end of the rule book. Vehicles are. ChumpCar World Series ® – Rules Rev. Table of Contents Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Section 5 Section 6 Section 7 Section 8 Section.

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All teams must maintain their exhaust in good condition, without leaks, throughout the event. While a window net can provide hand and arm protection in a rollover, it can also contribute to injury or death in a fire.

After a few laps the surface flag may disappear even though the surface problem has not. All exhaust joints must be properly slip-jointed, properly bolted or welded, and must not leak. Any driver who puts a car on its roof is out for 12 months.

All cars must have a racing-type master electrical kill switch easily turned both off and on by the belted-in driver. Most tracks have environmentally safe disposal stations onsite—ask Lemons HQ or any track official for locations. The name is a parody of Champ Cara defunct open wheel professional racing series. A functional catch tank is mandatory.

ChumpCar – Wikipedia

At least two crew members must participate in fueling, all wearing the same safety gear as a driver. No propane or other compressed fuels. If your visibility appears compromised during the race for any reason, you may be black-flagged until conditions improve. By Luciana D’Andretta August 15, All fuel cell filler systems must be constructed of real, professionally-made, purpose-built wire- or nylon-reinforced fuel-filler tubing and real, professionally-made, purpose-built fasteners and attachments.


Visors must be down. All attachment points on the vehicle must be selected and reinforced chumpcaf necessary so that, in an accident, the cage will not punch through, tear, or grossly distort the attachment point.

All cars must have fenders at all wheels so that no tire surface extends past the body; all doors in place; and OE hoods.

Additional awards may be given for notably good or bad driving, especially dedicated repair chu,pcar, or good overall spirit. Losing brake pressure because your fluid is overheated is also bad. All cars earn 3 National Team Championship points per race start.

The oldest car s wins.

Prices & Rules – 24 Hours of LEMONS

The balaclava is your first line of defense. One Team can earn Championship points from multiple Entries, either in the same race or in different races. If trouble finds you, take responsibility like a grownup and figure out how to avoid it the next time.

The minimum acceptable wheelbase is 82 inches as delivered by the factory. Dumb enough to bring the same pile back for another race? Most racers do this before every session.


Rulee all times, each car must have at least one working brake light that is easily seen from the rear. The table contains a large variety of makes and models to choose from. But, remember, your crew also needs a 10 lb. Continue to use caution after the surface flag goes away.

Lemons is an all-fault environment. Here is the mount you need, which we would buy in advance since you will have plenty to do when you arrive at the track: Wipers, Rain-X, tearoffs, small squeegee-wielding children tied to the hood, etc. Fueling locations vary by track and are covered at the Drivers Meetings. In addition to the required unbroken firewall between engine and cockpit, rear- and mid-engined cars must have a sturdy rear riles or other complete upper barrier for driver protection against fire, hot oil, angry villagers, etc.

You may lose a little oil from all that high rpm operation.

The Race Gear You (And Your Team) Need to Go ChumpCar Racing

FIA certification is also acceptable. Professionally-made full rollcage required. At least one team member must have a fire extinguisher in gules, ready to shoot, aimed at the fueler or fuelers. Inthe series was renamed ChampCar Endurance Series. The simple answer is an ice-based driver cooling system.