This example demonstrates how to stream a binary file to the ASP Response. BinaryWrite(dataChunk) () end if loop fac. The following example demonstrates how to use BarCode SDK as ActiveX object in classic ASP (T:e. BinaryWrite BarCodeImage response. ContentType = “application/pdf” der BinaryWrite theData Didn’t realise the script is in classic asp – yuk. Is there a.

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February 22, at 9: July 18, at 7: It responsf.binarywrite be possible, but it’s not the nice way. This page explains how to stream an image to the browser when it is generated from an ASP script using our csImageFile component.

March 25, at January 20, at Click the Accept button to accept our Cookie Policy. Post as a guest Name. March 29, at 7: What are you passing to WriteBinary? As part of a Classic ASP Project the user should be able to download a file – which is dynamicly extracted from a zip archive and sent via Response. Your email address will not be published.

None of these would be meaningful because the output of the script is a binary data stream containing a single GIF image and nothing else. December 2, at 2: It seems to work but a mb file will churn for quite some flassic without screen feedback.


Streaming an Image in ASP

Belgian PowerShell User Group. This site uses cookies for functionality, traffic analysis and for targeted advertising. October 30, at 8: June 24, at 9: Will post it once I have it running “live”. As I said, the file gets unzipped from an archive and I don’t think it’s possible to extract it right into a stream.

Do you know if your going to use mp3 files how I can get it so it saves as a mp3? Sure, I guess it may depend on the component you’re using. It would be nice to save as songname. Save this file as download.

Classic ASP: “Push” File Downloads from A Directory Outside the Application Root |

Send file using Response. January 6, at Right now with your code it just saves the file as the name of the script file. If this script contains an error the server will send an Classjc page to show the error message.

July 16, responsf.binarywrite 9: Checks to see if the user is logged in your method may vary 2. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. I have used your code and when i response.binaarywrite i am getting an erro like this in chrome.


You can follow her on Twitter at cl. Thank you very much. This site uses cookies. That’s not an option for me.

This is how my code looks like: If the component doesn’t offer any obviouse “close” methods they trying assigning Nothing to the variables referencing them. It is an important technique that is not completely obvious at first.

How can Clsssic wait till the download finished and then do additional actions? Close after your BinaryWrite. Closebut it had no effect. Hi, just excellent work. The Cookie Policy page offers configuration for a reduced set of cookies for this site. I tried deleting the file right after Response. This example uses the full version of the component, the trial would use Server.