Created in God’s Image has ratings and 36 reviews. Josue said: Aside from Hoekema’s apparent belief that the universe is millions of years old, and a. According to Scripture, humankind was created in the image of God. Hoekema discusses the implications of this theme, devoting several chapters to the biblical . Hoekema, Anthony A., Created in God’s image. Bibliography: p. Includes index. 1. Man (Christian theology). 2. Reformed Church — Doctrines. I. Title.

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Created in God’s Image

His discussion on man as the image of God is top-notch, and he integrates the concept into classic neocalvinist biblical theology. For if this createf done, we are virtually telling the natural man to accept just so much and no more of Christianity as, with his perverted concept of human nature, he cares to accept.

Eerdmans Publishing Company, All rights reserved. Oct 17, Gary Morris rated it really liked it.

Book Review: “Created in God’s Image” by Anthony A. Hoekema | The Domain for Truth

I am not so sure Berkouwer is doing that. Since the term, image of God is the buzzword; we must find a proper definition of it. Eerdmans is proud to publish many books that have remained in print for decades – true classics that have stood the test of time. A great starting point for any who wish to pursue this topic. A helpful contribution to theological anthropology from a distinctively Reformed perspective. A fantastic read covering the impact and depth of the image of God upon all mankind.


Collection of 50 Apologetics’ Illustrations.

The Question of the Selfimage. The Question of the Selfimage.

Hans Urs von Bal You are commenting using your Facebook account. He provides a strong foundation on the image of God and the origin and spread of sin. I would disagree with his covenantal persuasion, his reference to Mother Teresa and his bent toward psychology; but his treatment of the doctrine of cgeated, the image of God, sin and the issue of freedom is excel Hoekema provides a comprehensive and Biblical description of the doctrine of man, explaining what it means that man was created in creatwd image of God, corrupted and depraved by sin and redeemed in Christ, whereby his image is progressively restored until he is glorified in the eternal state.

For example, he states.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: He then proceeds with the standard treatments of trichotomism and dichotomism. Books by Anthony A.

Sep 07, Mike Gorski rated it really liked it. Hoekema’s work on us being created persons was really insightful. As a result, he will pervert the concept of the human nature, which includes the concept: Chapter noekema, focusing on the imago dei, are worth the price of the book.


His definition of the psychosomatic unity and the prior definition above about man not being able to be separated is confusing. As Hoekema puts it. We cannot lift our face away from God apart from Him.

Victory Over the Darkness: The study of the nature of man and of sin is sobering, but it is not until we begin to realize the depths of sin that we are able to recognize the importance and depth of God’s grace. Notify me of new posts via email. Anderson No preview available – Account Options Sign in.

Open Preview See a Problem? Before we find out what is the proper definition of the concept: Christian Living Grief and Suffering. Dec 19, Creeated Kiser rated it really liked it.