Available online at CURCUMA CAESIA ROXB. AND IT’S MEDICINAL. USES: A REVIEW. Sonjit Das, ProdyutMondal and Md. Kamaruz Zaman*. PDF | On Apr 19, , Sonjit Das and others published CURCUMA CAESIA ROXB. AND IT’S MEDICINAL USES: A REVIEW. Black turmeric is known to have certain medicinal values. The curcumin content when I read certain papers, It was very low ~ %. Now I am wondering.

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Also the ccaesia analysis was performed from both the liver and kidney. Chemical carcinogenesis and chemoprevention: The present results showed the antimutagenic activity in Ames test that may be attributed in part to powerful radical scavenger associated with the extract.

Preliminary phytochemical screening reveals the presence of alkaloids, carbohydrates, reducing sugars, flavonoids, terpenes, steroids, and tannins in faesia methanolic extract of C. The reaction mixture was prepared by mixing 0.

Curcuma caesia

Asian J Pharm Clin Res. The experiment was performed as mentioned above. Determination of blood total, reduced, and oxidized glutathione in pediatric subjects. Analysis of total phenols and other oxidation substrates and antioxidants by means of Folin—Ciocalteu reagent.

The pellet was resuspended in FBS before being used for preparing slides. Prodrugs – from serendipity to rational design.

The experimental animals were divided into eight groups each containing five mice designated as follows:. Study of some important medicinal plants found in Imphal-East district, Manipur, India. Bergmeyer J, Grab M, editors. The curcums scavenging activity was calculated using the following formula: By using curxuma site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Principles of oncologic pharmacotherapy; pp. Standard calibration curve for serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase and serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase.


Curcuma caesia – Black Turmeric

The cultivation and harvest practices are similar to that of common turmeric. Antifungal activity of the essential oil of Curcuma caesia Roxb. They can be easily metabolised inside the body without caesiaa harmful effects that leads to the phytochemical based remedies [31][32][33][34].

The ability to reduce ferric ions to ferrous ions by the antioxidants present in rhizomes of C. The present work supported the increasing evidence that the rhizome extract of C.

This has triggered to search for effective antioxidant agents from various sources including plants. The process of respiration, cell-mediated immune functions, and other process utilizing oxygen produces free radicals as an end product, continuously in the living body.

Leishangthem S, Dinendra SL. Flower extract of Nyctanthes arbor-tristis modulates glutathione level in hydrogen peroxide treated lymphocytes.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. IARC monograph on the evaluation of carcinogenicity: The percentage reduction in the frequency of micronuclei was calculated using the formula given by[ 29 ]: Regulation of phenolic antioxidants from phenoxyl radicals: When reactive oxygen species are present at a certain concentration the bond between O and H is broken.


Percentage of inhibition was calculated using the formula given below: International Agency for Research on Cancer. This page was caesiz edited on 6 Decemberat Antimutagenicity testing For the experiment with S9 mix, 0.

The chemistry behind antioxidant capacity assays. Experimental design The animals were kindly procured from the Pasteur Institute, Shillong, India and were acclimatized for 15 days. Superoxide anion scavenging ability of standard and methanolic extract of Curcuma caesia Roxb. Chemoprotective effects of captopril durcuma cyclophosphamide-induced genotoxicity in mouse bone marrow cells.

Antioxidant and antimutagenic activity of Curcuma caesia Roxb. rhizome extracts

DPPH radical scavenging activity The quenching of free radical activity of different extracts were determined by spectrophotometric method against 2,2-diphenylpicryl hydrazyl DPPH following [25]. The rhizomes are then dried in hot sun for 10 to 15 days until hardened. Study of the anti-ulcerogenic activity of the ethanolic extracts of rhizome of Curcuma caesia eecc against gastic ulcers in experimental animals.