Dąbrowski called his work the Theory of Positive Disintegration to reflect the central and positive role disintegration plays in development. He believed that some. Describes Kazimierz Dąbrowski’s theory of positive disintegration: A theory of personality development. The basic concepts of Dąbrowski’s Theory of Positive Disintegration. In W. Tillier ( Ed.), Perspectives on the self: Proceedings of the Second Biennial Conference.

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Advanced development is possible because these people possess higher than average “developmental potentials. Behavior and one’s talents and creativity are funneled into forms that follow and support the existing social milieu. English was the last language he learned and likely the most difficult in terms of capturing the subtleties of his ideas. One’s talents and creativity are applied in the service of these higher individual values and visions of how life could be—how the world ought to be.

As outlined, people at lower levels use talents to support egocentric goals or to climb the social and corporate ladders. Especially at Level V, problem solving and art represent the highest and noblest features of human life.

Two levels, the first and the fifth, are characterized by psychological integration highlighted by harmony and low levels of inner conflict.

The most widely known instrument, the Overexcitability Questionnaire—Two, has poor psychometric properties.

They are expressive of a drive for psychic autonomy, especially moral autonomy, through transformation of a more or less primitively integrated structure. These vertical comparisons often illustrate the lower, actual behaviour of a person in contrast to higher, imagined ideals and alternative choices.

The ‘ought to be’ of life can replace ‘the what is.


The involuntary spontaneous development of level III is replaced by a deliberate, conscious and disiintegration directed review of life from the multilevel perspective.

Assessing developmental potential in gifted children: A fairly high degree of primary integration is present in the average person; a very high degree of primary integration is present in the psychopath”.

Positive disintegration – Wikipedia

Roeper Review, 17, Their feelings of responsibility extend almost to everything. At this level, each person develops his or her own vision of how life ought to be. Here, pro social is a genuine cultivation of social interactions based on higher values. A person whose DP is high enough will generally undergo disintegration, despite any external social dabrowsi family efforts to prevent it. To be out of step is encouraged and seen as a feature of the overall developmental journey.

Dabgowski the core of autopsychotherapy is the awareness that no one can show anyone else the “right” path. Click here for a preview.

Positive disintegration

His experience as a victim of disintergation torture for several months as a member of the Polish resistancebeing only one of the 36 surviving psychiatrists in Poland out of the practicing at the beginning of the war, informed his world view. Gifted Child Quarterly, 28, Level II is a transitional period.

They cannot shut out the world’s achingly subtle, fleeting beauty or its inexplicable cruelty and suffering. Children and adults with high DP have to find and walk their own path, often at the expense of fitting in with their social peers and even with their families.

The conflict is resolved when one of the structures is eliminated, or at least comes under complete control of another structure. Suffering, aloneness, self-doubt, sadness, inner conflict; these are our feelings that we have not learned to live with, that we have failed to appreciate, that we reject as destructive and completely negative, but in fact they are symptoms of an expanding consciousness.


The isolation often experienced by these people heightens the risk of self-harm. A second primary focus is on education, and in particular, on the experience of creative or gifted students.

As well, our educational, political, corporate, and media systems are self-promoting and discourage real examination or individual autonomy—the second factor. At this highest level, one’s behavior is guided by conscious, carefully weighed decisions based upon an individualized and chosen hierarchy of personal values. Emotion and cognition become integrated and are reflected in a new approach to life — feelings direct and shape ideas, goals and ideals, one’s ideals work to express one’s feelings.

rabrowski These crises involve alternatives that may appear to be different but ultimately are on the same level. In the course of positive multilevel disintegration primitive, animalistic drives and structures are subject to a disintegration, that is weakening, loosening and even total destruction under the impact of developmental dynamisms cf.

Similarly, potentials to express great creativity hold the likelihood of experiencing disintegratiob great deal of personal conflict and stress. Third factor is important in creativity for two reasons: At the highest levels, “individuals of this kind feel responsible for the realization of justice and for the protection of others against harm and injustice.

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