Darkness Visible has ratings and reviews. Lawyer said: Darkness Visible: When the Question is Whether Life is Worth Living Will. Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness. William Styron, Author Random House ( NY) $ (84p) ISBN Primo Leviā€”in , William Styron almost joined the long list of writers who article was a precursor of his book Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness.

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Since Darkness Visible William Styron was repeatedly prescribed Halcion by more than one physician for his insomnia.

Styron is perhaps the first writer to convey the full terror of depression’s psychic landscape, as well as the illuminating path to recovery. His stories are liberally laced with a depth of understanding that he acknowledged could only come to those who have experienced it.

I avoid books like this one, largely because I believe the cult of romanticism surrounding artistic despair is misguided to the point of being offensive. He is suddenly repulsed at the idea of suicide and is compelled to eliminate his depression once and for all. Certainly, on some level, when Styron sets his struggle with suicidal depression in print, he is.

View all 3 comments. And this results in a striking experience- one which I have called, borrowing military terminology, the situation of the walking wounded.

Illuminating depression

There he must, despite the styrno devouring his brain, present a face approximating the one that is associated with ordinary events and companionship. Most importantly, what Darkness Visible offers is hope. He details the near epic failure of his physician to deal with the disease through an apparent inability to grasp the reality of what Styron was experiencing, a problem for all outsiders to the disease, along with ineffective, or downright irresponsible, medication until the final moment of crisis when he was hospitalized and finally found the help he needed to recover.


Formerly the Director of a Not for Profit Corporation, I was placed under a degree of stress I was incapable of handling. Biography books Depression blogposts.

Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness by William Styron

And we need more of them. He details the strange regularity that became a part of his life while he was held in the grip depression, the cycles of limited clarity and soul crushing pain that compartmentalized the moments of his day.

Sep 23, Theresa Alan rated it really liked it. We are not talking about a few days or even depression over a week or two, but rather months willian the elevator keeps going down no matter how many times one thumps the Up button. And all delivered madnesx a seconds long cartoon commercial.

When the waiter left, Hitch asked Styron if that sort of thing happened often. Styron’s ability to eloquently describe how depression felt to him.

Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness

So it’s encouraging that Darkness Visible has become the founding text of what is now a flourishing genre known as depression memoir. Also, he mentions that in those moments when depression takes control of you, the most important thing is to have someone near you, someone who is willing to help you, to spend time with you and cherish you.

I even get the police calling up to ask if I’ll come on the line and talk to the man who’s threatening to jump. Show 25 25 50 All. I was called in to interview very young children who had witnessed their fathers kill their mothers. Books by William Styron. One by her husband. One of my literary pet peeves: Retrieved April 25, Over the years I have read other personal accounts of depression that could perhaps be considered more compelling in their details than the account written by William Styron; however, when I stop to consider that Mr.

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He must trust that readers who have never experienced suicidal depression will find points of connection with him as well as points of difference, thereby experiencing the heretofore unfamiliar as familiar.

Illuminating depression | Books | The Guardian

She was a good woman. He most identified with the feeling of loss as described in the literature: He is a brave soul to put his suffering on the page for all to see, and we are richer for it. Not without a near-crisis, and not without a lot of help.

But it is not an immediately identifiable pain, like that of a broken limb. I will finish this review with a closing quote from Darkness Visible itself: Yet, I am not unaware of the stigma brought about by confession. The waiter recognized Styon’s name and said the book “Darkness Visible” saved his life.

Can you conceive the helplessness of being able to perceive the lies that your own brain is telling you, but still being unable to escape them? It was also around the time–and this was in a total fit of unabashed Crazy–that I decided to reclaim the phrase “mental illness.

For I emerged from darkness, once again to see the stars. It wasn’t my time.