Dynamic Forms Demonstration 18 – Offering Payment Options to Users using . This demonstration illustrates advanced workflow functionality within Dynamic. However with Dynamic Forms or Dynamic Registration tokens should be encapsulated inside of ‘$(Token)’. So if you’re passing a Token into a.

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You are currently watching this product. Whether it’s for marketing, sales, contact forms, scheduling, information requests, surveys, or to simply better understand your customer needs, the possibilities for creating powerfully effective forms are now easy and endless! It’s loaded with user-friendly features and expanded admin fodms for management, integration and data analysis. Power and simplicity — all in a single module!

Dynamic Forms has all the advanced features wrapped in form-building ease! Your first form can be setup within a matter of minutes.

Want Dynamic Forms and other Data Springs modules? Check out the Collection option! Creating new forms is easy, and you can add as many forms as you would like to your site. Check out all of the many features below. Question events provide many interactive events based on a fields response. Similar to the form completion events however question events can befired off whenever the user answers a form field instead of after form submission.

Based on a users response to ‘Question A’ you can optionally dynanic hidden fields that the user previously did not see.

For example ‘Question A’ might be “Do datasprinvs own a car? If the user chooses yes you can display additional fields such as ‘What year? Based on a users response to ‘Question A’ you can optionally set the default value for a question.

Setup as many Question Datasprinsg as you would like throughout your form to make it as dynamic as needed.

The key factor for the Developer License is re-distribution. Dynwmic are some examples where the Developer License datadprings be required: Colors Genres Types Singles Packs. Overview Become a Seller Referral Program. About the Store Media. Ask a Question You are currently watching this product. Dynamic Forms has all the advanced features you need plus form building is still simple! Forms are essential to your business. Dynamic Forms is a must for your site! What sets Dynamic Forms apart from our competition?

What’s new in v 7. Whats new in v4. Major Performance Improvements – database caching for referenced objects result in significant performance boost.

Freedom to Style as you wish! With our Free Style Forms, you now have the option to add fields inside an HTML field, allowing you to expand layout options beyond the standard grid format. File Upload options to fit your specific needs! Great new admin options! New Database Provider feature opens doors for better workflow.

Administrators get helpful messages to improve implementation and avoid errors such as when two fields have the same short field name. Administrator can choose to review more details or dismiss the message. Choose between Section controls in DNN 5.

Now you can group fields into a panel and have only one database lookup instead of checking the database for each individual question.


Fire off completion events specific to Save for Later. Send out emails with a link to come back and manage their submission. Filter report views and exports by all results, only full submissions, or only Save for Later entries. Enhanced Field Creation functions save you time and effort! Import from other module instances within the portal. Host Users can also formms from module instances across multiple portals. The new Community Repository is a growing collection of unique fields and configurations that allow you to search, filter and import fields.

Styles updated for DNN 6 including command buttons and general styling abilities Improved control panel provides easier navigation and setup. Now supports IPPay payment gateway. The option to “not save result in database” can now be applied to specific fields or the entire form. What’s new in V3. New Question Foms Features Automatically submit the form based on a user response without the user hitting a submit button on the form.

Great for applications with coupon codes. Short field names now make identifying affected questions a lot easier!

Also choose alternate file map path for your exports, if necessary Select your delimiter of choice Use short field names as column headings instead of question labels which can be long Several New Admin Controls Now Available Client side events to change the submit button link text makes your form more interactive.

Editing options for radio buttons and dropdown lists are now more efficient with no postback. dyamic

Ability to clone completion events reduces set up time for repetitive processes. Dynamic Forms can now receive silent posts. Simply submit an HTTP post request as a form datasprints and all completion events will run without the user ever accessing the Dynamic Forms page! Additional details added in PayFlow Pro gateway makes set up quicker and less prone to errors.

No need to switch to Manage Question mode for most settings!

Dynamic Registration 7.3

Can also be disabled if preferred. New option to hide the module based on a querystring variable to support more complex work flow scenarios when integrating with other modules. Dyanmic Binding now supports external connection string. New Question Event to automatically submit the form upon firing — takes the place of the submit button when conditions are met!

View Form Results now have expanded functionality! Display results above or below the form — view form entries as they come in!

New DNN Text Suggest datasprimgs type allows you to build your own suggestion list to aid users as they fill out your form.

Now apply SQL validation to individual questionsnot just the entire form! The latest features allow you to enable and disable specific areas of AJAX such as only for question eventst only, form submission, etc You can now define the ‘Processing Create Form from Table — New features within the quick field wizard to allow you to generate form fields based on an existing table. The module will allow you to select which columns from the table or query to create as form fields and will setup all of the initial defaults including field type based on column type.

Also extended date field types view demo.

Using Datasprings Dynamic Forms to make iDeal payments > 40Fingers Websolutions

What’s n ew in V3. New Gridview Field Type. You can also have full control over the look and feel as it uses multiple stylesheet classes with some samples to get you started. The gridview field type can optionally use radio buttons, allowing the user to only select a single option or check boxes which will allow the user to select multiple options.


You can demo the gridview field here. You can also select multiple stylesheet options for the rating field including multiple colors for the selected rating or when you hover over the other ratings. You can demo the rating field here. PDFs can be created and saved as files and also later referenced in email events or attached to an email. You can demo the PDF completion event here.

You now have the ability to place ‘multiple fields within one field. You can demo the Datagrid field here. New ability to create child portals. Based on using certain short field names you will be able to generate child portals and allow the user currently submitting the form the ability to be the administrator of that child portal.

Multiple new enhancements have now been added in the View Form Results area.

New ‘Quick Stats’ dunamic – A new info icon can appear next to each field which will display the fields short field name and other enabled features for the field such as if its required or any of the advanced field options you might want to know about without having to go and edit the field directly.

New ‘Hidden Field Quick Menu’. Previously you could only manage hidden fields by going into the administration area and then selecting the hidden field.

With the new quick menu for hidden fields datazprings can easily navigate into the edit mode for the field right away.

Data Springs, Inc. > DNN Modules > Dynamic Forms > Dynamic Form Demonstrations

You can also include an Edit Link within email and other completion events, or as an admin go into the view results section and click the edit icon to manage a particular record.

This is a major new feature as previously this type of work flow could not be handled unless you used a flat table as demonstrated in demo dahasprings and demo Now you can email all users within a particular security role. Email events have always allowed you to email based on tokenized values, but now you can setup events to email all emails within a role.

For example, the completion event could email everyone within the ‘Managers’ security role, simply by using one token. Enhancements and fixes to the date field type including the ability to use regular expression validation for dates, proper formatting within email and view results for localized dates i. You can demo this feature here.

Completion events could always be setup to be fired based conditionally upon a users response, and now new features were added for the ability to fotms an event when a response is ‘NOT EQUAL’ to a particular entry.