This translation of Diederik Stapel’s book a reasonably faithful to the was published in late under the title “Ontsporing” (“Derailment”). Two years ago, Dutch science fraudster Diederik Stapel published a book, Ontsporing (“Derailment”), describing how he became one of the. Two years after the scandal broke, Stapel wrote an autobiography, “Ontsporing”, or “Derailment”. An English translation of this autobiography is.

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English translation Stapel knew at that moment exactly what he expected, which could be inferred yesterday from the words of Pim Levelt. It had taken two years of intensive research, and lots of writing and rewriting.

Als ik slimmer was geweest, had ik regelmatig onderzoek Iaten mislukken. Death by getting tangled in bedsheets and the consumption of cheese!

Although maybe we should have donations for Nick Brown for his translation work ontspkring. You can help by adding to it. Retrieved 1 November Although the details of how Stapel was caught have been widely publicized, Ontsporing provides the first glimpses of how, why, and where Stapel began.

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Everything had to be neat and orderly. In there was a book by a Dutch journalist ohtsporing. Retrieved 5 October The report also stated that earlier in his career, going back at least tohe appears to have manipulated data rather than faked them. But the final Levelt report raises more controversial questions about the ways in which Stapel went unchallenged for so long.

Maarten told me that the gossip about me was spreading in academic circles across the country; from now on, whenever I gave a presentation of my research, there were going to be a lot of raised eyebrows. I never had any suspicion. Ontdporing interim report stated that Stapel had caused severe damage to young people at the beginning of their careers, as well as to the general confidence in science, in particular social psychology.


Nobody knew where I was getting my data from. Nobody would believe everything, surely? Retrieved 31 October The report advised that the Ph. The Perfect Scientific Crime? Hard to judge this, especially not from the translation as some nuances may be lost.

A true story of academic fraud. Ik schaam me daarvoor en ik heb daar grote spijt van.

How Diederik Stapel Became A Science Fraud – Neuroskeptic

Our kids go to the same school […]. I wanted to belong, to be part of the action, to score. Main menu Skip to content. I wanted too much, too fast.

Fraudulent Experiments — Research Methods. In the book, Stapel talks about the travelling superstars of psychology who take subject areas X and Y on tour, like an itinerant opera company performing La Shapel in Berlin and Amsterdam and Madrid.

Diederik Stapel

Retrieved 14 February I looked at the door of my office. Retrieved 28 November Retrieved 13 July Not that you should take it all at face value, and accept all his explanations and interpretations.

Stapel”, formed by the Rector Magnificus of Tilburg University and chaired by Willem “Pim” Leveltpublished an interim report regarding Stapel’s activities ontwporing the three Dutch universities where he had worked. The data danced in front of my eyes. Maarten, who chairs the social psychology department [at the University of Tilburg], had confronted me with the question I had been dreading for years.



There is an error in the translated passage above: Integrity or fraud or just questionable research practices. In een systeem waar er weinig controle is, waar mensen veelal alleen werken, ben ik verkeerd afgeslagen. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Had I been making it all up?

I am aware of the suffering and sorrow that I caused to them. I preferred to do it at home, late in the evening, when stapeo was asleep. Ik hecht er aan te benadrukken dat ik hen nooit op de hoogte heb gebracht van mijn oneigenlijk gedrag. Retrieved from ” https: Cancel reply Enter your comment here In other languages Nederlands Edit links.

Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Thanks, but the little lecture on the train revealing no personal insight into the criminal nature of his behaviour was enough for me.

Diederik Stapel – Wikiquote

So, this book is not intended to be a witness statement or ontsplring charge sheet. Students here are more like slaves to their advisors.

Dederik was a very trusted man, dean of the faculty, brilliant, successful, no indications for me to be distrustful. How disordered contexts promote stereotyping and discrimination.