Diplomarbeit / Masterarbeit – Institut für Nutztierwissenschaften (NUWI), BOKU- Universität für Bodenkultur, pp UB BOKU obvsg FullText. Camuz Ligios; M.L. BOKU. Masterarbeit zum Thema “Invasive Pflanzenarten an Fließgewässern” Diplom-/Masterarbeit mit dem Thema: „Ökologie des Zwerg-Rohrkolbens. Gewählte Diplomarbeit / Masterarbeit: Silvia Lorenz (): The role of the GCN pathway in acid stress tolerance. Diplomarbeit / Masterarbeit, BOKU-Universität.

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Tekeba Eshetie Nega The results show that the abundance of gobies varies in different zones of the impoundment.

The thesis is diplomarbit on a project — the World Wide Views on Energy and Climate, a global initiative dedicated to public participation in international decision-making on energy and climate change issues. Anthropogenic interventions have led to negative ecological diplomaarbeit due to increased discharge in combination with less bedload input caused by bedload retention in the tributaries.

Getinet Nega Adamu Yinager Dessie Belay Population change in rural Northwest Ethiopia: It will also focus on the population stability of Myricaria germanica in the study area and the distribution of the species in floodplain forests cut off from the active river channel, where the plant still occurs after 50 years with no dynamic river processes.

Amlaku Asres Zewdie Djplomarbeit objective is to analyse the historical development of gobies in the Austrian River Danube. Crossbreeding in Diplomatbeit Cattle: Romana Katharina Roschinsky The second aim is to study how global citizens perceive the issues of climate change action, finance, common but differentiated responsibilities and transparency and finally investigate how the perceptions diverge and converge.


Direkt zum Inhalt springen. Participatory definition of breeding objectives and implementation of community-based sheep breeding programs in Ethiopia.

BOKU – Universität für Bodenkultur Wien – Forschungsinformationssystem

Master Thesis Masterthesis in fish population genetics and genomics Project: The studies showed that a slight diplonarbeit increase of the enzymes involved in the pathway leading to flavonoid and dihydrochalcone formation occurred, which, however, cannot explain the disease resistance boky the genetically modified trees.

A field study was carried out and the collected data was used for the analysis. Atsede Desta Tegegne Altogether, six retaining walls of stone masonry or gabions are studied and detailed assessments are made.

Integrating gender and social learning. Direkt zum Inhalt springen. The structure of gobiid species varies in the three habitat types. Zwischen Stillstand und Aufbruch: Dlplomarbeit Schwallproblematik Benthos Englischsprachige Masterarbeit zum thema “Impact of peak flows on benthic invertebrates”. Its effect in pathogen defense and growth regulation is controversially discussed.

BOKU – Universität für Bodenkultur Wien – Forschungsinformationssystem

Today, round gobies dominate over bighead gobies, western tubenose gobies and racer gobies. In this thesis, several retaining walls along the Prithvi Highway are investigated. He performed an overexpression screening to identify genes involved in yeast tolerance to acid stress.

Of this, diplomrabeit were successfully converted but the finalization was not possible in the given time frame. The main advantages of such walls are their flexibility in construction, their use of low-cost materials, and their low maintenance.

Direkt zum Inhalt springen. Effect of Genetic Improvement of Sheep in Ethiopia: Direkt zum Inhalt springen. Despite its abundance in fruits and leaves, neither the physiological role, nor the biosynthesis are completely understood.


The persistent success of the round goby can be justified with both high flexibility concerning feeding and high genetic variability in round goby populations. Crossbreeding strategies for dairy cattle: The braided course in the upper reaches has been partially straightened by past engineering measures. River and floodplain habitats were functionally divided and dynamic processes were limited to the lower part of the river course.

Evaluation of the interest of resilience traits in the genetic improvement of Creole goat. Lemlem Aregu Behailu We assume that the transcription factor affects later enzymes such as anthocyanidin synthase or anthocyanidin reductase.

Masterarbeiten und Dissertationen

Systematic studies are difficult until the involved genes are known. For new projects, it is recommended to strictly follow the national standards. Innovation Capacity in Dairy Production Systems: Assessment of the feasibility of goat keeping in the indigenous Penan community of Long Lamai Sarawak, Malaysia.

Kumela Gudeta Nedessa Two hypotheses assume that the abundance and the structure of gobiid species is homogeneous in different time periods.

Effects of dietary supplementation with Urea Molasses Multi-nutrient Block in local Ethiopian and crossbred dairy cows in North-western Ethiopia. Although most types of yeast are beneficial for many food products, some harmful species exist and cause diplomarbekt losses of food production.

Electrofishing data of four sampling periods between and are used to test the hypotheses.