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DMT is generally inhaled smoked in a few successive breaths. However, Nature knows very well the cell-inhibiting effect of such compounds and it produces them in the organism only in tiny quantities, and uses them only for selective, timely restricted actions.

Dmt duhovna molekula pdf download

After that, there was a real boom in the research of psychedelic drugs. For that reason the inward, transcendental experience is not as profound and intense as this is the case, for instance, with DMT or LSD. In the presence of depolarising psychedelic drugs of the mescalin-group, this pre-synaptic neuron can be now activated, although it is still inhibited by another axon, so that the sum-effect is an excess in excitatory synapses in the brain.

Mescalin unleashed the first great interest of scientists in the effects of psychedelic drugs at the beginning of the 20th century, before LSD was discovered in and synthetically produced. They observe rigorously that the human population does not make any transcendental, psychedelic experiences, which will automatically jeopardize their control over present-day enslaved humanity.

This will be the chief objective of all humans in the coming months. This classification is unknown to conventional pharmacology, which operates in a state of total agnosticism with respect to the biological regulation of the human body and the actual pharmacological effects of external chemical moieties on the cells and the body in the context of this regulation.

They create a state of ecstasy, where the spirit is heightened, but the awareness is not totally diverted from the outer 3d-reality.

Dimetiltriptamin – Wikipedija

For more info please access vi’s website. The same holds true for the excitatory synapses — they are also stimulated in excess, compared to the normal state. Let me be clear on one issue. Because mankind will experience very soon its rupture in Ascended Masters, who will be multidimensional personalities and will operate from the 5th dimension, although they can always project a light body in the 3d-space-time on earth, and in seemingly mortal human beings, who will suffer under the various constraints of their biological vessels.


Russell Blaylock – Skrivena istina o cijepljenju, fluoridiranoj vodi i eugenici Dr. The pharmaceutical industry will collapse this year and will not exist anymore in the 5th dimension, where all humans will have crystalline bodies, which will be free of dis-ease and will be practically immortal.

As already mentioned, DMT is produced only in negligible quantities in the brain, because it can very easily open huge portals to the 5th dimension, where the higher self of the incarnated entity has an unlimited access to the multidimensionality of All-That-Is.

In the human brain, DMT is mainly produced in the pineal gland in small quantities which cannot euhovna directly detected. World English Cengage Pdf Download tension pouvant djt delpech koran. As most synapses in the brain are inhibitory, their inhibitory effect may be augmented.

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It is a well known fact that the first successful psychedelic experience after inhaling DMT creates in most cases a direct contact to the multidimensional level of the individual soul, so that the incarnated entity can gain intimate insights into the soul contract for his current incarnation.

Not a single person, who has experienced the altered psychedelic state of Oneness with mankind and All-That-Is, will ever be able to fight a war and kill other human beings, as the USA is currently doing in three countries Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan officially and in many other countries unofficially.

As I have already said, pharmacologists have no clear idea about the real transcendental effects of psychedelic drugs and their true pharmacological basis in the brain. However, there is a small number of biological substances that are cell-inhibiting.

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Dmt duhovna molekula dr. Russell Blaylock – Skrivena istina o cijepljenju, fluoridiranoj vodi i eugenici. As already said, nolekula use of DMT is practically forbidden by the registration authorities since This fact alone explains the importance of the present popular scientific article. Really appreciate your support!


Such powerful social movements as the Beatniks, flower power, and the popular revolt against the Vietnam war, which transformed the American dmg dramatically, were enhanced by the broad use of psychedelic drugs.

Duhovna molekula – dmt.

The middle self is thus expanded and its perception merges with that of the higher self. The LSD-group consists of cell-inhibiting drugs.

The LSD-group is thus more potent that the mescalin-group in enhancing the number of excitatory synapses in the brain. Let us now explain for the first time in the history of bio-science the true pharmacological basis of psychedelic drugs, based on this novel classification.

Oct 02, Category: There is substantial clinical evidence that DMT is released in great quantity from the pineal gland prior to death and is responsible for the near death experience NDE. LSD is a half-synthetic drug.

The drug is stored as acid salts powder. This is also the reason why duhovns drug cannot be detected by neuro-biologists with their crude experimental methods in molekuls, so that its existence in the brain is strongly questioned at present.

BB kod je On. In he discovered the Universal Law in bio-science and later on in physics and developed the General Theory of Science of the Universal Law that is planned to unfold fully after mass Ascension of humanity in the 5th dimension. Svi se mi dobro razumemo samo se neki prave blesavi….

The hope was to find a solution for many psychic disorders that were widely distributed in the highly restrictive society at that time, where free sexual experience was a taboo. The psychedelic drugs are the ideal means to provide these people with valuable information about their soul contracts and to establish a vivid astral-energetic bond with fmt higher self.

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