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The complete manifestation of the Law of Individuality is the end or purpose of the Bible teaching concerning Christ. It is the Originating Spirit itself. The principle of the Resurrection is the realization by man of his individualization of the Spirit and his recognition of the fact that, since the Spirit is always the same Spirit, it becomes the Alpha of a new creation from his own centre of being.

He has faced the questions, What is God? We begin in some slight measure to understand what the Bible means when it speaks of our-being “partakers of the Divine nature” II. Now it is this original feeling that we need to enter into, because it is the fons et origo of the whole chain of causation which subsequently follows. The more perfect, therefore, the working of the personal factor, the greater will be the results developed from the Universal Law; and hence our lines of study should be two-fold–on the one hand the theoretical study of the action of Universal Law, and on the other the practical fitting of ourselves to make use of it; and if the present volume should assist any reader in this two-fold quest, it will have answered its purpose.

It is the same method by which all scientific advance is made. In its proper order intellectual knowledge is exceedingly important and useful, but its place in the order lechures the whole is not that of the Originator.

Therefore it is that, if we would bring a new order of Life, Light, and Liberty into our lives we must lecturee by bringing a new order into our thought, and find in ourselves the starting point of a new creative series, not by the force of personal will, but by union with the Divine Spirit, which in the expression of its inherent Trowarc and Beauty, makes all things new.

Now the ultimate Law is that of production ex nihilo by the movement of the Spirit within itself, and all subordinate laws are merely the measurements of the relations which spontaneously arise between different things when they are brought into manifestation, arid therefore, if an entirely new thing is created it must necessarily establish entirely new relations and so produce entirely new laws.

We cannot be conscious of anything except by realizing a certain relation between it and ourselves. Hephzibah may therefore be translated as “a guarded one,” thus recalling the New Testament description of those who are “guarded into salvation. The scientific method of enquiry therefore brings us to the conclusion that the required conditions for translating the racial or generic operation of the Spirit into a specialized individual operation is a new way of THINKING mode of thought concurring with, and not in opposition to, the essential forward movement of the Creative Spirit itself.


Neville discloses his extraordinary and testable claim that your awakened imagination is God Itself. In proportion then as we learn to dissociate our conception of ourselves from particular circumstances, and to rest upon our ABSOLUTE nature, as reflections of the Divine ideal, we, in our turn, reflect back into the Divine Imagination its original conception of itself as expressed in generic or typical Man, and so by a natural law of cause and effect, the individual who realizes this mental attitude enters permanently into the Spirit of Life, and it becomes a perennial fountain of Life springing up spontaneously within him.

The distinctive mark of the latter is that it is the knowledge of good and evil, that is to say, the recognition of two antagonistic principles, and so requiring a knowledge of the relations between them to enable us to continually make the needful adjustments to keep ourselves going. We shall realize in ourselves the working of a new principle whose distinguishing feature is its simplicity. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

The Doré Lectures on Mental Science by Thomas Troward

If you can stand the rambling, pompous prose, Troward attempts to build a case for spirituality in relation to the bible. In like manner when we realize the infallible Principle of the Creative Law we no longer find we need to see everything cut and ldctures beforehand, for if so, we could never get beyond the range of our old experiences; but we can move steadily forward because we know the certainty of the creative principle by which we are working, or rather, which is working through us, and that our life, in all its minutes” details, is its harmonious expression.

Christel Trowarv Cowdrey rated it it was amazing Dec 27, The Law itself is never altered, but we have previously known it only under limiting conditions. Here is a special presentation of mystical teacher Neville Goddard’s first full-length book, At Your Commandas it originally appeared in John saw in the apocalyptic vision, and which by the very conditions of the case is the Alpha and Omega of Humanity.

But as the light breaks in upon any individual it is a new light to him, and so to each one in succession it becomes the New Thought. This mental attitude will be found of immense value in setting us free from worry and anxiety, and as a consequence our work will be done in a much more efficient manner.

Thomas Troward was an English author whose works influenced the New Thought Movement and mystic Christianity. It looks so entirely reasonable that we do not see its ultimate destructiveness; and so we are told that Eve ate the fruit because she “saw that the tree was pleasant to the eyes. After trial, you’ll get 3 titles each month: There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Alexiel rated it it was amazing Mar 01, The early “New Age” philosophy of “New Thought”, which was wildly popular at the turn of the 20th century, owes much of its emphasis on the concept of “mind over matter” to the works of Thomas Troward.


The Doré Lectures on Mental Science

In like manner the power of the Universal Mind takes particular forms through the particular mind of the individual. Books by Thomas Troward. There are, it appears to me, occult lextures in the doctrine of Christ designed by the Supreme Wisdom to counteract corresponding occult depths in the Mystery of Darkness.

This does not require any departure from the general law of the universe, but is due to that specializing of the law through the presentation of special conditions personal to the individual, of which I have spoken before. For since the person to be created after this pattern is ourself, it follows that, by whatever processes the Divine ideal transforms itself into concrete reality, the place where those processes are to work must be within ourselves; in other words, the creative action of the Spirit takes place through the laws of our own mentality.

Thomas Troward – Dore Lectures on Mental Science – Hermetik International

Our old thought was based upon a comparison of limited facts: Then also we need not be troubled about future conditions because we know that the All-originating Power is working through us and for us, and that according to the Law proved by the whole existing creation, it produces all the conditions required for the expression of the Life, Love and Beauty which it is, so that we can fully trust it to open the way as we go along.

Now the Spirit does this by the same method as in the Original Creation, namely by creating em nihilo; for otherwise it would be bound by the limitations necessarily inherent in the cosmic form of things, and so no fresh creative starting point would have been attained. What is wanted, therefore, is to place ourselves in a receptive mental attitude towards the Universal Spirit with the intention of receiving its forming influence into our mental substance.

It is above them all, and creates them, however unaware we may be of the fact, and relatively to them it occupies the place of first cause.