I can watch live TV in DVBviewer using Hadu. and that I have to run HaduSer to see the status of the plugin when it’s used by the service. If anyone can give me a descripton of how to configure this I would be very grateful. 3 شباط (فبراير) How to watch encryption channel in Kodi (Add-on: DVBViewer Client) It will be three subfolder plugin have Hadu plugin with different server. I am using Hadu in my dvbdream plugin direcory. If you have figured out how to make cccam work with dvb card please could be kind to.

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The clipboard button serves to copy data of the window into the clipboard. After fidding with the CCCam.

Last edited by remote; at Second go to this Path C: There is no need vvbviewer all folders exists. While these two new menu entries are saved i. Note the values for the following options prevails from the one determined by this option.

Furthermore, connections with servers will only start if the plugin is active.

Hadu with DVBviewer recording sevice

If KeyPath2 is not used, only the directory of the plugin is used for loading and writing files. Directories of installation for the main DVB softwares: Port for the CCCam server decimal value Only the first positive ChID i.


You can also find some infos for special DVB softwares i. Do you know of any way to configure a CCCam account to allow multiple connections? I’d noted from your readme file one account cannot be shared between different instances of the plugin. For other client will be plugins2 to Others parameters each of them is optional: If set, pluhin emus are also used if the server has authorized them for the user.

Syntaxe for the “Server” parameter: However, a manual start is always processed immediately, regardless of the current delay between 2 restart calls, -various internal bug fixes and minor modifications, -complement of informations in some parts of the readme.

Furthermore, unavailable nodes are grayed. After 3 consecutive negative tries, the restart process is made: After that dvvviewer 1 Choose Aflam1. It is recommended not to modify the default value for this option.

Latest version of Hadu Plugin [Archive] – Sat Universe

The service expects the plugins in a different folder structure to avoid complications with the DVBViewer. Hadu has its own TT Trick implemented. Even if WantEmus is not set, the concerned nodes are displayed into the list of nodes, but are not available.


Newer Post Older Post. In these later cases, stop and restart the concerned server connection, -new modification for Irdeto ECMs.

Switch to an encrypted channel you can decode with your server. The problem is using the Recording Service. Flag to force the plugin to the DVBViewer 3. Flag to indicate the plugin to “survey” the changes in the PMT.

Plugins1, Plugins2, and Plugins3. Remember that it’s generally impossible to have 2 active connexions for the same CCCam server and the same CCCam client unless having an appropriate configuration.

The former workaround for command 05 checks has been removed. A null value indicates no limits. Flag to use the TT Trick.

How to watch encryption channel in Kodi (Add-on: DVBViewer Client) using DVBViewer Recoding Service

But if you want to use them they have to be numbered seamlessly starting with 1. The rest of plugins not tested.

I’m sure other users in my situation will come accross this through future Google searches.