No OF [20th December, ]. An Act to extend the East Punjab Urban Rent Restriction Act, , to the Union territory of Chandigarh. Punjab Urban Rent Restriction Act, (for short ‘ Act’) and the said petition was pending adjudication before the Rent East Punjab Urban Rent. Court holding that Section 13(1) of the East Punjab Urban Rent Restriction Act, did not affect the jurisdiction East Punjab Urban Rent Restriction Act.

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Ganesh Kumar And Ors….

east punjab urban rent act | India Judgments | Law | CaseMine

Substituted by Amending Act 2 ofSection 2 a. The words “a non-residential building or ” were omitted by Punjab Act No. Gurnam Singh TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Meghalaya High Court No Case or Topic can be added.

District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission Chandigarh was declared to be an urban area in Authority For Advance Rulings 1. East Punjab Urban Rent Restriction Act, could, if destriction all, give the relief of possession to the plaintiff and the jur Inserted by Amending Act 2 ofsection 3. Right to recover immediate possession of residential or scheduled building to accrue to certain persons.

To sum up, our conclusions are: West Coast Paper Mills Ltd. Debts Recovery Appellate Tribunal 0. East Punjab Urban Rent Restriction Actonly, is an observation in context of the facts of that case punmab there was no issue of maintainability of appeal or revision arising out of The words “or urbn scheduled” omitted by Punjab Act 29 ofsection 2.


The East Punjab Urban Rent Restriction Act (Extension To Chandigarh ) Act, 1974

Section 13 2 i of East Punjab Urban Rent Restriction Actcasts an obligation on the controller to make an assessm I am unable to accept this The learned Senior counsel referred me to the provisions of Section 6 and 7 of the East Punjab It was filed with respect punja the suit property detailed in the Section 13 of the East Punjab Urban Rent Restriction Act of for ejectment of the petitioner from land measuring f State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission.

The respondents, namely, Ghans Vijay Kumar Bhambari v.

Amendment of Section 2 of Punjab Act 3 of The sub-section reads thus: In application for ejectment, the landlord averred that he did not vacate the premises after the commencement of the East National Company Law Tribunal.

These words shall be deemed to have been added since the commencement of East Punjab Act, III of2 A landlord who seeks to evict his tenant shall apply to the Controller for a direction in that behalf. Did the tenancy created Calcutta High Court Harbilas Rai Bansal v.

National Company Law Appellate Tribunal 0. The Rent Controller accepted the application of the landlord and directed the ejectment of Delhi Act vis-a-vis East Punjab Rent Restriction Act would clearly go to show that the Parliament has thought it fit to treat the residential premises as a separate class restrictuon the purpose of A tenant in possession of a building or rented land shall not be evicted therefrom in execution of a decree passed before or after the commencement of this Act or otherwise and whether before or after the termination of the tenancy, except in accordance with the provisions of this Section, 1[or in pursuance of an order made 149 Section 13 of the Punjab Urban Rent Restriction Act,as subsequently amended.


In other words, the argument is that it has not been averred in the petition that he is not in possession rsetriction any other In that case, the question was as to whether the provisions of U.

Cases have come to the notice of the State Government where such personnel are forced to face protracted urbab in courts involving considerable hardship and financial loss the Kendrya Sainik Board has also been pressing the State Government to provide relief in this regard. The suit was decreed up to the High Court.

The East Punjab Urban Rent Restriction Act (Extension To Chandigarh ) Act,

Substituted vide Punjab Act No. Bahal Kaur filed the suit, which has given rise to this appeal, for K Sharma… TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues.

Gujarat High Court Authority stated that he will dispose of the two applications i. Kesra Devi And Other…. Dhaka High Court 0. Central Electricity Regulatory Commission 1. Almost a similar controversy arose before Securities Appellate Tribunal 0.

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