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CaO samples calcined at higher temperatures possess much lower amounts of the hydroxide and carbonate. Calcium oxide combined with the by-produced glycerol gave calcium diglyceroxide that was a major constituent of the collected catalyst. Moreover, in our case, the calcination temperatures below [degrees]C were not enough high to cause formation of active crystal phase and activation of surface basic sites, while temperatures over [degrees]C may induce undesirable sintering of the catalytic material, hence, changes in surface morphology and particle sizes.

Consequently, since the CaO phase may be an essential one for the catalytic activity in biodiesel production [23], it can be expected that a pure CaO catalyst would show a favorable efficiency in the transesterification of sunflower oil.

Efekat Staklene Baste

Lin, Basicities of aluminasupported alkaline earth metal oxides, React. Liang, Supported CaO catalysts used in the transesterification of rapeseed oil for the purpose of biodiesel production, Energ.

On the other hand, the mentioned reduction leads to a decrease in fuel combustion efficiency. Fuel properties, engine performances and exhaust gas emissions. Additionally, several experiments transmitted data during the flight down to Wallops via a telemetry system on board the rocket. CaO was the active phase of the eggshell derived catalysts [22]. Persistent problems include sluggish economic growth, high youth and female unemployment, organized crime, corruption, and economic disparities between southern Italy and the more prosperous north.


Buduca istrazivanja na ovu temu i slicno orijentisane mogla bi dati odgovor na savremene energetske zahteve i potrebe transporta u Srbiji, koriscenjem novog, alternativnog, obnovljivog izvora. The main reason for such decrease in the combustion efficiency is the higher kinematic viscosity of the higher content biodiesel blended fuel samples.

Based on the thermogram Fig. The basicity of catalysts seemed to be determinant for the catalytic activity among all the samples [20]. They also claim a negligible catalytic activity in the presence of the hydroxide [20,28]. They have claimed that the best catalytic performance was achieved for calcination temperature above [degrees]C when XRD patterns showed a crystalline CaO phase.

Hemija – PhET simulacije

One of the reasons for this reduction is the mentioned increase of kinematic viscosity. Many scientists are worried and think that greenhouse effect may lead to the global warming which would have a catastrophic consequences on life on earth. The following conclusions can be reached from the comparative use of fossil diesel fuel and biodiesel blends: Vikings reached the island in the 10th century from Iceland; Danish colonization began in the 18th century, and Greenland was made an integral part of Denmark in It is clear that as the temperatures of calcination are higher smaller weight percentages of calcium hydroxide and carbonate are expected in the CaO-catalyst samples.

The main consequences of the greenhouse effect are: The basic properties i. The catalyst was prepared as it was previously mentioned [20]. Calcinations at higher temperatures resulted in the formation of a higher number of CaO crystallites in the catalyst matrix influencing the density of basic sites required for a catalytically active site. In order to reduce the greenhouse efekst, we efekst primarily be aware of the consequences of this effect and change our habit of living. Practically, all foreign activities lead people to the pollution and creation of greenhouse effect: Prednosti koriscenja ovog katalizatora su: These data are consistent with the TG results.


Tonon, Biodiesel as alternative fuel: Ljupkovic 1Radoslav D. Chang, Transesterification of tributyrin with methanol over calcium oxide catalysts prepared from various staklenr, Fuel Process.

It would lead to the disruption in the food chains. It is generally known that these gases contribute to global warming. McCormick, Combustion of fat and vegetable oil derived fuels in diesel engines, Prog.

These results may be explained by the fact that the exact origin of the CaO catalysts was unknown, thus, the catalyst features could be completely different despite the comparable gross chemical composition. However, at present bastte is only one commercially accepted transesterification process technology.

EFEKAT STAKLENE BAŠTE by Mirjana Jevtic on Prezi

Today Engine performances were investigated on a Tractor type Mahindra These properties are directly linked to the fraction of biodiesel blended in each particular fuel sample. The Bookmark will be sent with the above message. Further investigations on this topic and on similarly orientated ones would promote the use of biodiesel as a renewable, alternative fuel for diesel engines that could answer the energy demands and traffic transportation needs in Serbia.

The pellets were sieved to obtain a fraction 1. He, Calcium methoxide as a solid base catalyst for the transesterification of soybean oil to biodiesel with methanol, Fuel 87 Bojic 1Aleksandra R.