Revised EMA Riichi rules are ready. The rules will come into effect on April 1, Motivation for the rule changes is to be in line with modern. The Riichi Competition Rules (RCR) of the European Mahjong Association (EMA ) are used for many Japanese Mahjong tournaments. It reuses some text from the EMA Riichi rule book by Tina Christensen. The World Riichi Championship Rules cannot be called to be a.

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Watch headings for an “edit” link when available. I wouldn’t go as far as mjbyebye but I’d also point out there’s not really any rikchi tournaments from major organizations that uses them.

Each round is assigned a wind, known as the prevalent wind or round wind. Scores are not rounded to the nearest thousand. There is no oka. World Riichi Championship, an international mahjong tournament circuit. The player who is in the East position is the dealer. The winner does not need to have another yaku, Renhou by itself is the yaku. Submit a new text post. We welcome everyone from newbies to the most seasoned veterans.

Reach Mahjong of New York: Table counters are added whenever East won a hand, or there was an exhaustive or abortive draw. This description tries to cover many possible questions, thus enabling a player to participate in an EMA tournament, but it also strives to be concise. When played with a time limit, a gong sounds 15 minutes before end. After calling Pon or Chii, any tile may be discarded by the caller.


I think a private lobby with a population is more likely to help you, but starting a new private thing might not.

Retrieved from ” http: This is not possible in most other rulesets. If you want to discuss rulees of this page – this is the easiest way to do it. Play Mahjong online, no downloads required. We can do some game discussion here.

Riichi Competition Rules (RCR)

A player is karaten empty tenpai if his hand could be completed with one more tile, but all possible winning tiles are already used in tiichi own hand. This will determine who draws first and from which side.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Hand progression or hand repeat depends on whether East tules a nagashi mangan winner or not, because tenpai hands are not revealed.

After each Hanchan, players receive a relatively large uma ofi. Mahjong subscribe unsubscribe 2, readers 9 users here now A subreddit dedicated all the different rules of Mahjong play excluding the tile matching game.


Here, you can post pics and share your amazing hands, link the best sites to play on or read info, discuss news or rules, set up matches with other redditors, or ask questions about the different versions. Create account or Sign in. Multiple players may win with Nagashi Mangan simultaneously, payments occur as with separate mangan Tsumos.

You may have to spend some time with the community in order to garner interest in helping you. Karaten counts as noten.

Nagashi mangan counts as a win, rendering noten penalties and noten riichi chombo void. Chombo renders a hand invalid, therefore another hand must be played. It is therefore legal to discard the same tile as the one called, or a tile which would have completed the now-open meld on the other side.


This tile indicates which tile is dora. The last 14 tiles are set aside as the dead wall. Shuffle the wind tiles face fiichi and arranged them sandwiched in between the odd and even tile as seen below.

European Mahjong Association Mahjong News: Want to add to the discussion? In other words, you will have three normal number 5 tiles in each suit and one red 5 tile. Table counters are all removed when someone else than East wins and East does not.

A subreddit dedicated all the different rules of Mahjong play excluding the tile matching game. Riochi tying for first share any leftover Riichi sticks. Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.

EMA Riichi Competition Rules – Japanese mahjong wiki

Players start with 0 points and may sink into negative scores without ending the game. Scores are kept on paper, there are no point sticks. The EMA has used a ruleset over the course of its first 8 years of accepting riichi in its organization that was riicni compared to other competitive eules rules. General mahjong news site. Click here to edit contents of this page. Sekinin baraior pao, is in effect for daisangen and daisuushii.