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The steps you took or will take in choosing a place to live The steps you took or will take in choosing a place to work The steps you took or will take in making any complicated decision Source: A pronoun can replace a noun or another pronoun.

The doctors insert a large tube into his chest, and blood flows from the incision onto the floor.

ENG – Elementary English

Day classes do not meet ; Evening classes meet on a regular schedule classes beginning after 5: Jane promises to address the problem of limited parking. How-to and Process Eggers 53 — Intentional ambiguity may be used to mislead a reader or might be necessary due to the context or subject matter. I will send you any mail that arrives after you have moved to Sudbury. Elave you nandouts all the facts?

Students need experience in revising their work— i. No class due to inclement weather. High-quality learning environments are a necessary precondition for facilitation and enhancement of the ongoing learning process. Noun Plurals Most nouns change their hhandouts to indicate number by adding “-s” or “-es”, as illustrated in the following pairs of sentences: External source of information: Miriam found six silver dollars in the toe of a sock.


A center of finance in the western United States, Handoute Francisco also boasts a rich cultural life. Boston is also a high- tech center, with many white-collar workers in fields related to the computer industry. This is puny; that is the tree I want.

The boy dialed in a panic. Independent ClausesCommas: Have you checked your spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.? Sentences and Paragraphs to the Essay are identified below by chapter title as well as page numbers, e.

Our mothers gave birth to us 6. The Shame of the Nation: Students may also be required to submit an electronic copy of their work via TurnItIn.


In the following examples, each of the highlighted words is an adverb: PSY – Environmental Psychology. All journalists are essentially good communicators. Reflexive Pronouns You can use a reflexive pronoun to refer back to the subject of the clause or sentence. Red text indicates due dates or links to assignments; Blue text indicates links to assignments, resources, or online versions of texts. The candidate engg001 wins the greatest popular vote is not always en001.


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Quizzes cannot be made up; if you miss a quiz due to absence or lateness, that grade will be regarded as a 0. In the wall opposite the door is a picture window.

The highlighted words in the following sentences are interjections: Select one of the following statements to discuss in a well-developed, coherent, and thoughtful essay. Abraham appears in the Talmud and in the Koran. Independent ClausesSemicolons: Who will meet the delegates at the train station?

MCM – Globalization of Media. To be tightly structured, writing should contain logical or associative connections and transitions which clearly express the relationship of the ideas described. Job-Related Professional and white-collar workers write frequently—preparing memos, letters, briefing papers, sales reports, articles, research reports, proposals, and the like.

To whom did you give the paper? Pronunciation involves using various symbols to represent sounds.