Eram Os Deuses Astronautas Erich Von Daniken. K likes. Book. Photo: “Eram os deuses astronautas??” From Review: Outra alternativa para of Torre Mirador de Las Lines de Nasca. Torre Mirador de Las Lines de Nasca. Veja grátis o arquivo Erich Von Daniken ERAM OS DEUSES ASTRONAUTAS enviado para a disciplina de Diversos Categoria: Outros –

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See all 3 questions about Eram os deuses astronautas? Just to sum up the book: Who really is the more advanced, them or us?

Although many of the theories are ream but wild postulation, the subject matter is interesting. Instead, Von Daniken holds firmly to the belief that the “mythologies” and artwork were actual records of witnessed events. Instead, Von Daniken holds firmly to the belief that the “mythologies This book is a good introduction for those who know little to nothing about Ancient Alien Studies.

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Eram os deuses astronautas? by Erich von Däniken

I give it one star f Baseless, factless, and filled with ridiculous presumptions. Have they already intermingled with us? Most incredible of all, however, is von Daniken’s theory that we ourselves are the descendants of these galactic pioneers–and the archeological discoveries that prove it I think for us to wstronautas here on one infinitely insignificant world among countless billions or trillions in the “known” universe and state “we are it and we are the best” is ridiculous beyond my deuse to put into words.

It involves the hypothesis that the technologies and religions of many ancient civilizations were given to them by ancient astronauts who were welcomed as gods. Very fake and very creative.


Half way through I lost track of what the theory was supposed to be. He constantly portrays himself and anyone who believes him uncritically as heroes of free inquiry and bold unfettered thought, while any doubts as to his claims such as the skepicism of the entire scientific community is ascribed to obvious intellectual cowardice and obscurantist conformism.

Honestly, I have a lot more respect for Erich von Daniken than I do bloats like the so-called “genius” Stephen Hawking. I also hope for the continuing popularity of books like Chariots of the Gods?

People who have read the book, please laugh along with me I feel that every grey area, every part of history obscured by the fog of time, is exploited and made to fit somewhere into his sprawling untidy theory.

Eram os deuses astronautas ?? – Picture of Torre Mirador de Las Lines de Nasca, Nazca – TripAdvisor

It goes like this: Why and how our ancient peoples did things that would dehses extraordinarily difficult to do even with the advent of 21st century technology is not an unknown to be scoffed at, and we do not even now have the answers. I’d rather have someone not quite ready but with their heart in the ri I’ll give him three stars for entertaining me.

As long as that prevails, works like these will keep on attaining best-selling status. Hardly ever was a total defeat so rewarding, so fascinating, and so delighful! Von Daniken, in Chariots of the Gods, has looked across broad geographic regions, evidences, and time periods to assemble a host of information that contradicts the mainstream astrknautas that ancient civilizations were less advanced than our own. Can we still afford to close our eyes and stop up our ears because new ideas are supposed to be heretical and absurd?

And now with Trump in the White House, every American is considered an idiot until proven otherwise. I have changed the way I think about the facts now, but this book was one of the era, books I ever read that made me consider an alternate narrative to mainstream thought View all 4 comments.


Eram os deuses astronautas ?? – Picture of Torre Mirador de Las Lines de Nasca, Nazca

But his speculations, the assertions as they are shown and presented in Chariots of the Gods and his other and similar books have always left a rather nastily bitter taste in my mouth, a feeling that the author in many ways actually tends to actively despise humanity, and that he especially despises and cannot accept the fact that individuals like sstronautas Mayans, the Egyptians, the Aztects were able to create, to think astornautas cleverness and intelligence read their OWN cleverness and intelligence.

Refresh and try again. The thing that had me shaking my head in amusement was when the author tried to draw some deep meaning about how these certain temples are connected to the length of the astronqutas on Venus and then get that figure wrong.

Trivia About Chariots of The Gods.

What do we mean when we say that heaven is in the clouds? Ultimately this book is worth reading so that you can observe all the twists, turns and sidesteps the author goes through to try and convince you.

It is full of great pictures too, I love all the wonderful art he chose to illustrate his points.