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EULIS! The History of Love by Paschal Beverly Randolph

Early in life I discovered that the fact of my ancestry on one side, being what they were, was an effectual estoppal on my preferment and advancement, usefulness and influence. But its laws, offices, utilities, and its deeper and diviner meanings are sealed books to all but about two in a million; yet they ought to have the attentive study of every rational human being, every aspirant to immortality beyond the grave.

Here and there I got—not a new idea of it, but suggestions which led me to investigate and explore. Where the disparity is even twenty years it is infinitely far too great. One thing is certain: That child had enabled me to stave off a fit of jealous rage in sympathy with my friend; and now I was, through her again, about to learn one of the most important lessons of my life.

I told him it was clear as sunlight that the absent woman really cared not a straw for him, but only for what current funds she could extract from him; and that, although to lose her was a bitter draught of gall, yet he had better swallow it, for that he was only loving his own sphere wherewith he had embalmed her.

Hold her, and she is that nameless thing—a wedded harlot. The male is an incarnation, so to speak, of one side of Deity; one hemisphere of the Imperial Over Soul ; one section of Nature, matterthe Superlative and Infinite Mind of Minds; while the human female represents and is an embodiment of the other; for there is a male and female side to all these, and the two genders correspond to, represent, affiliate with, derive their respective powers from, and are attracted to, those respective sides.

Let us go, then, to the land of romance and of dream,—the land of the Holy Byblus, and the Sacred Ganges. They went into paroxysms of what they called “Fun” anent pregnancy, menstruation, and sexive matters generally.

Who of them has told, or can tell, why the nuptium fairly laps the very soul itself, of each participant, too, in the tenderest, softest, truly human, because strictly humanjoy at one time; yet at another gives naught but cruel pain; else is but a nervous spasm, unsatisfactory to one party, and injurious to both; and yet the same people in both instances?

Letters are but external symbols of human thought; and in them all two basic ideas predominate— i. The Rosicrucian system is, and never was other else than a door to the ineffable Grand Temple of Eulis. This was ground for suspecting her to be a truant wife, and my friend a deceived husband; and all the more in that she was thrown in contact with some very popular agitators of the marriage and fidelity questions,—on what I regarded as the wrong side.

Some people have young souls in old bodies, in which case things are not so bad; but where such soul-youth does not exist, and the parties live in passable harmony, still there’s great harm done,—in faic, constructive wificideand this is the reason why,—a wife is apt to become a mother quicker by an old husband than a young one; because the old man’s blood is cooler, his passion slower in culmination; and she is likely to conceive from sheer weariness, and physical and mental inability to guard herself; besides which, she never dreams of danger, or of the female finesses she would put in play against a younger husband.


To it all things bow, bend, acknowledge the peremptory sway of, and without which the All that is would become a blank and starless void, as terrible as eternal Night itself: Temporary attractions departed with my dead years, thank Heaven, and their fruitage was ever bitter, bitter. Parallels between man and beasts are not correct or just; for in beasts sexive and parental instincts are separate affairs,—in man they coexist.

There are and have been malformations claimed to be proofs of dual gender, but they were really one or the other. Well, that is worth worlds to you, for suppose that, instead of wishing, willing, desiring, decreeing perfect offspring, you exert it to redeem your husband, to kindle up his love for you, for home, for his own fire-side.

To it all things are subsidiary. Were not this a painful fact, such classes of “reformers” as now march over the world were an utter impossibility. In the truly human being—the non-savage and non-barbaric specimens of the races— marriage never degrades the parties either in their own or each other’s eyes; but it purifies the heart and soul, uplifts them to the Father, is really Pulchritudinem Divitiis Conjunctamas it ever should be, that is, Beauty and Divinity joined as one; it therefore becomes in this mystic light, instantly, the holiest and most effective of all possible prayers, hence the most potent and tremendous energy and agency in the entire material and hyperphysical universe.

In all the other cases there was either too much body, too much spirit, and too little or no soul at all. God is supposed to be a dual being; so is man; but Deity is dual in a double sense; that is to say, God is positively male, and positively female; while also, as in man, all the masculine or electric attributes of God are pervaded by the magnetic feminine principle. I found myself cleaner, better, than before, and comprehended Christ’s “Suffer little children to come unto me.

He carefully examined lungs, brain, stomach, breasts, heart, uterus—all; and as he laid down the glass he muttered—and I—with the womb in my hand, and the knife between my teeth echoed, from the floor of my soul, his words—” Murdered, by God!

Sean added it Nov 10, In all ages there have been men cut out after a different pattern from their contemporaries, and who, for that reason, had and have a different destiny to fulfil.

Eulis! the History Of Love

No sooner does an American boy get on his first pair of olve than he has prurient notions right straight along, and takes good care to demonstrate them with chalk upon the walls and fences everywhere. One, two, three, five hundred years roll by as one would count the hours to midnight. But, even in such cases, she must be blonde, and he the opposite— always ; for if the reverse happens, she’s a doomed woman, and he a physical imbecile, in five years’ time at the utmost.

The sequel—far along in this book—will show whether it was the shadow of an enacted factor a figment of fancy woven of mist, and conjured up out of the cellars of suspicion. Other books, in other millions, vile, atrocious, cancerous, abounding with death in every line, fraught with ruin on every page, have been, still are being, scattered everywhere across the nations, till the flower of historj world’s youth has been blighted, and the morality of earth sapped dry.


I reasoned with him just as I had with my own soul a while before. On this occasion I fell into it from having incidentally cast my eyes upon a third class triune, or magic mirror, such as for years I have used expressly to induce the state of psycho-vision.

Eulis! the History Of Love by Randolph, Paschal Beverly

Everybody must know the story that refers the origin of the name to a piece of gallantry; either the Queen or the Countess of Salisbury having been supposed to have dropped one of those very useful pieces of female attire at a dance. So almost universal is this foul talk, to be heard everywhere, at any time,—ribald, coarse, obscene, and altogether devilish,—that it is no wonder that the public mind is debauched and totally demoralized.

Neither essay filled the required bill, and for that reason I print this series of salvatory counsels. Kessinger Publishing, LLC, But you say, “We women are not perfect yet.

The same thing prevails all over the globe, and likely for the same reason; i. Now it often happens that people in whom this sort of love exists mistake its nature and significance; imagine that they were born for each other; and, so they are, but not for the life below.

It is a pity that ten thousand times the pain was not the direct result of every violation of the organic law; and if every proposed debauchee could or would but die in the attempt, the world would soon be a great deal better off.

EULIS! The History of Love

Paperbackpages. Witness the universal prevalence of concubinage and harlotry, gotten to be even a licensed thing, and everywhere a winked-at adjunct of civilization, to the debasement of man and blasphemy of God and Womanhood, as of yore in Greco-Roman days; but this time entailing dreadful penalties instead of rewards upon its multitudinous devotees; for not even the triplicate king evils, opium, alcohol, and tobacco, inflict such awful punishments upon their votaries as Cypriana, the salacious Diva of Harlotdom.

Then comes the unveiling; and, my God, what an awful, horrible spectre stands frowning where each expected to behold and hold—she an Adonis, he a perfect Hebe! They twain, the far-off couple, are young; are adapted to each other: They were fragments of this philosophy which we wore as a crown of glory on our natal morn, that were disseminated by our Master and his innumerable followers, and cast hither and thither upon the stream of time, were finally washed by successive waves of war and pilgrimage, to the shores of Egypt.

All sentient and non-sentient being is more or less pervaded, according to capacity, with what I may call the male and female aura or effluence of the great Supreme, the unknown and unknowable Deity; and all these incarnations of the original Life, save only the human, are distinctively and radically either wholly male or female.

She was wondrously fair, and heedless as beautiful; with fashions to air and conquests to achieve; poor, sweet little lady!