: Basic Manual Of Knife Fighting (): William L. China, under the direction of Lieutenant Colonel William Ewart Fairbairn, then. He is best known as the co-inventor of the famous Sykes-Fairbairn knife. . “Get Tough” manual on martial arts style hand-to-hand fighting that he taught to. Does anyone know any specifics on W.E. Fairbairn’s knife fighting methods? The Fairbairn Manual Of Knife Fighting (Paladin Press).pdf.

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Discussion in ‘ Misc.

William E. Fairbairn – Wikipedia

Knife Arts ‘ started by jckailatstudentMay 18, Log in or Sign up. Does anyone know any specifics on W. Fairbairn’s knife fighting methods?

I can not find any info concerning footwork or range.

Someone on MT suggested this: His book Get Tough was reissued in mannual a paperback and is available on Amazon. I don’t have the book but read through it a couple of years ago.

Its worth picking up CarolMay 18, I believe that William Cassidy had a booklet about the knife aspects of Fairbairn’s method. It used to be firbairn on the Internet, simply as a word document, because, to my understanding, Fairbairn was preparing a book on the sunject but never finished it, so Cassidy made it widely available to preserve the memory I am not sure better is the best word to use here.


One thing about FairbairnSykes, Applegate etc PG Michael BMay 19, AMEN to that Mike. I’t amazes me how much of the arts have all of these over-kill of techniques. KailatMay 22, There are just so many ways to insert the pointy end of a sharp instrument into an aggressor when in defensive mode.

Defendu – Wikipedia

The manuals brought up in this thread are available for download as a fairbaien file. I have a couple of sites where different manuals can be downloaded.

If needed, take it off line and email me for additional fiyhting. Are these still available via Paladin Press? Are they out of copyright? Robert KlampferMay 22, Both are still available through paladin press.

I have heard that you could read the copy on the internet for free but haven’t found it. Ok, you can find the manual on Fairbairn’s method here: The book that William Cassidy wrote used to accompany the randall knives when they were sold to military personnel if my memory serves me right.

I have a copy of it in hard back as well as the pdf copy before it was taken off line. It demonstrated various aspects of fairbqirn the pointy knfie into the subject and getting the job done. I have to agree with K.


VanCiseAug 6, MakataSep 3, For the small little folder I tend to carry, these techniques might not work as well! They were designed with military applications in mind. That having been said, the description of techniques reminds me of what I foghting in a Lameco seminar with Mr.

Paladin Press has amassed many if not all of their original works in reprint editions and are well worth onife to your library if you find such information appealing.

ww2 Fairbairn knife fighting

Here is a link to the Get Tough book in pdf http: Reminds of a story that I heard once about the old-timers in Batangas barangay: You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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