Hold the flexagon in two hands, looking down at the top face. Push three corners down and in to make three valley folds. At the same time pinch to make three. Blank template with instructions (also a PDF version). hexaflexagon-template- blank. Fidget Spinner design: hexaflexagon-fidget-spinner-color-template. (Go to Flexagon Party Organizer’s Kit). Hexaflexagon Templates. Create your own hexaflexagons. Choose a template and follow the easy instructions to make .

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A sturdier hexa-hexaflexagon can be made by fleagon 19 triangles together. Find more tekplate Find more crafts by browsing the Project Index or with a search How to Make a Tri-hexaflexagon Read all of the steps before starting.

This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Tell us more about it? Six sides of flexing mania! Can you name them? Cut equilateral triangles from poster board and tape them together in a strip.

Score flexagoh fold along the edge of each triangle. The Snake Heptahexaflexagon Variation A. You can make flexagons with different numbers of sides and patterns.

How To Make a ‘Flextangle’ – DIY Paper Toy

Enlarge Share this craft. Femplate a Hexa-hexaflexagon —it has six faces! In this project we make a hexa-hexaflexagon—a six-sided polygon hexagon with six tfmplate hexa. Both variations are folded from the same template. Choose a Pattern and Print It Choose a tri-hexaflexagon to make. Can you find them all? The Dots and Triangles patterns coordinate with the dot patterns in the Geometric Solids craft project.


Share this craft project with your friends and family. Pick the patterns that you like the best and then print out the template. In fact the template has three spirals in it.

Download and print the pattern. The first fold is along the centerline of the template.

Your flexagon is done! Use six different rubber stamps to decorate your numbered hexa-hexaflexagon. Precision in the cuts is important to make the correct folds. Decorate the strip following the scheme on the numbered pattern. You can decorate the template however you would like. Membuat Flexagon Print Edit Send fan mail to authors. Decorate the template according to the numbered patterns. For other and easier to make versions of the flexagon, try a tri-hexaflexagontetra-hexaflexagonpenta-hexaflexagon or a tri-tetraflexagon.

Your flexagon is done! After that many of his friends joined him in the fascinating study of flexagons, and many more types of flexagons were discovered.

Hexaflexagons | Vi Hart

All triangles numbered 1 get colored red, all triangles numbered 2 get colored green, and all triangles numbered 3 get colored blue. Fold as for other Trihexaflexagons.


When he flexed the hexagon in a certain way, a third face was revealed. Geometric Toys to Make.


You should see two white triangles at either end with eight patterned triangles in between. Make sure you color each triangle with the same number in the same way. There will be one piece with twenty triangles. At this point, you should have remplate smaller side facing upright. You should now see a hexagon with six identical faces.

Grab the top corners in the center of the flexagon and pull them open, revealing the new pattern. Using scissors, carefully cut along the outside lines of the pattern. The names of flexagons tell the type of polygon and the number of faces.

You might want to start with the pattern with numbers on each face—1, 2 and 3. If it clexagon pop open, flatten the flexagon and try again with the other three corners. To make a sharp, straight tsmplate, first score on the fold line.