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Army Helicopter Internal Load Operations (FM ) [Department of the Army ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Field Manual provide extensive information about FM ( ). FM PREFACE. This manual will assist personnel who perform helicopter internal load missions. It will familiarize them with.

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It can also support portions of a cargo load that exceed the longitudinal dimensions of the cargo floor.

The cargo helicopter can lift heavy, oversize loads, such as artillery weapons and ammunition, vehicles, and large boxes. There are two basic methods of applying tie-downs to restrain cargo.

CAUTION The 10,pound capacity tie-down fittings must be screwed into the threaded receptacles to full depth to achieve their rated capacity. All pallets will be compatible with Army materials- handling equipment MHE.

Palletize cargo from the heaviest to the lightest. The binder consists of the two body plates that attach atone end to a short hook and at the 55-4500-2 of a handle that holds a ffm long hook. At the time of assembly and oefore loading, the loading crew compiles data covering weight, dimensions, center of gravity CG location, and contact areas for each item. Install prefabricated spacers between the pallets. Shoring is using lumber to spread the weight of highly concentratedloads over a greater area of the cargo floor than that covered by the cargo alone.

Army Helicopter Internal Load Operations (FM 55-450-2)

Serious injury could result if the cable were to snap. A complete set of L nets three weighs 65 pounds. When used for additional cargo space, the ramp must be positioned so that the ramp floor is level with the cargo floor. It also protects the cargo floor from damage that might be caused by tracked vehicles, steel wheel rims, pack- ing case bands or studs, and rollers.


Do not attach the pallet to the plywood sheet. In this case, the area of contact has Tbeen more than doubled-an increase of percent.

The G3 air controls and commits the aviation assets of the division in coor- dination with the requirements of the G3. Any answer that has a fraction of.

The cargo com- partment floor has a maximum load limit or psf. The inch side should be positioned across the handling system so that the inch side is on the ramp guide rail.

Do not use pallets if the aluminum skin is separating. If weighing facilities are not available, or if the tactical situation dictates otherwise, compute loads as follows: Tie-down fittings on the side of the beams are good for 1, pounds maximum per fitting perpendicular to the beams.

Figure shows a typical tie-down correct pull-off. Nothing can be added to or removed from a vehicle that has been weighed and marked unless it is reweighed. Mark the side of the vehicle at the point of tilt.

FM Army Helicopter Internal Load Operations – Chptr 1 Internal Cargo-Carrying Helicopters

Divide the total moment by the total weight. These devices do not provide any lateral restraint. Hook one of the end links of the chain in the grabhook.

Do not tighten these straps until the side nets are hooked to the top net. Universal Military Pod Attached to Helicopter. Each side net has adjustable straps between the long and short side to make necessary adjustments depending, on placement of the cargo.

Use pallets with minor dents, gouges, and scratches that do not fracture the skin. If path- finders are not available, then the supported unit will perform the above mentioned tasks. Based on calculations, a degree angle of attachment in the intended restraint direction causes a restraint loss of only 25 percent in that direction.


Pallets may be winched or manually loaded. When not in use, tie-downs are stowed in the aircraft. Each of the four wheels has an independent retraction and extension system manually operated by the mechanical jacks or alter- nate hydraulic pumps attached to each wheel gear. They must be included in the total weight of the vehicle.

If the actual restraint is less, add more tie-down devices and continue the procedure until sufficient restraint is obtained. Inspect each link of all chains. Obtain a smaller angle of ap- proach by using longer boards rather than shorter boards. The cargo compartment dimensions are about 77 inrhpswi Hp, 54onches high and inches long Figures and l-9j. Pathfinders can be a great help in both of these areas as they have a mission responsibility for aircraft control and are trained in site selection.

For planning purposes, pallet weight is 95 pounds.

Army Helicopter Internal Load Operations (FM ) : Department of the Army :

The number of ground crews needed by a unit depends on how the commander plans to fulfill his mission. Hook one end link o form a circle.

When used for additional cargo space, the ramp must be positioned so that the ramp floor is level with the FM cargo floor.