Buy Fostex FT17H Horn Super Tweeter: Home Audio – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Fostex FT17H 8 Ohm Horn Tweeter. The FT17H is a cost considerate high performance horn tweeter with a well extended high frequency of 5kHz to 50kHz . Hi, I have build some time ago speakers with fostex ft17H tweeters. The tweeters have a 6db filter @ 10khz and have a l-pad wich gives about.

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Instruments have more “air” around them. The FT17H horn tweeter uses a shielded magnet. Ft1h7 Fostex, at The nominal impedance of the FT17H horn tweeter is 8 ohms making the horn tweeters easy to drive even with small amplifiers. Last update 29 April DAC in use now, is the non-oversampling variety, thus, there should be a Noting that I hate sizzle or exaggerated treble. Furthermore, if the fax gets to “somewhere else”, I’d be more worried about being a victim of credit fraud than anything else!

Haven’t done much on it, but swapping the only electrolytic in the crossover ft117h a better cap yielded even better sound! Heard that some commercial mosquitoes repellant utilize a 40kHz frequency tone to “shoo-shoo” mosquitoes away.

What do I have? Will fiddle around until I find a position I like. The build quality of the Fostex FT17H horn tweeter is good for the price range. I don’t have to tell you this new procedure is a P-A-I-N. We have had good results with this tweeter using a first-order crossover in the 10 to 15 kHz range. This explains the VERY relaxed treble. Seems that mosquitoes can’t stand this frequency probably some pets too.


Super 12 Forum guys recommend “padding” the tweeter with a 1 ohm series resistor and 65 ohm shunt resistor. I haven’t heard much mention of how pretty they sound. Reason being, too many credit card frauds.

Vocals are impressive too. The FT17H is ideal for mounting in an enclosure – front dostex rear firing. So I did as they did, and mounted mine on top of the cabinet, angled at the listener, with some Blu-tack. The horn super tweeter offers a crisp high frequency response that extends out well past the audible range.

Used Fostex FT17H Loudspeakers for Sale |

Fistex with the horn tweeter are mounting screws and a datasheet. Finally cymbals and hi-hats have more “body”. Other than the “air” factor, it also seems to have more “body” and “feel” to it. I mean, how many parts on earth do you have to keep on buying until you find what you like? Those guys on the Super 12 Forum is right. Previously, all it takes is a couple of e-mail messages and the goods will be on your way, but nowadays, they requested me to fax a copy of my ID AND my credit card.


I haven’t heard so much treble from my system! If you haven’t been on this planet lately, a search on Ebay will show you that speaker drivers with alnico magnets command a stratospheric price over their non-alnico cousins.

The FT17H offers high cost performance and is well suited for added that last little bit of sparkle and air to high sensitivity speaker systems. Still can’t hear much depth, but I reckon it’s more of a “room” problem.

I hear a wider, more open soundstage. The Fostex FT17H horn tweeters came neatly packaged in a small cardboard boxes. No, not the sound, but the idea. I have to say that if anything, these tweeters are under-hyped.

Fostex FT17H 8 Ohm 30 Watt Horn Tweeter

However, they are too big to be mounted on the current tweeter position. The overall weight of the FT17H tweeter is g 0.

Every unit even has frequency response chart, specifications, mounting dimensions and configuration example. Another e-mail on the Forum recommended a single 0. The Fostex FT17H is an economical horn super tweeter with a frequency response that extends out to 50 kHz. I got mine from Madisound but ordering through them isn’t as easy as before.