In this tutorial we will look at interfacing KS display controller based JHDE display. There are many displays out there based on KS or. A x64 graphical LCD based on the KS controller chip is required. GLCDexample * * Basic test code for the Arduino KS GLCD library. * This code. ERMSYG-2 is “glcd x64 display graphic lcd module,ks+ks controller,stn lcd,yellow green led backlight,wide operating temperature.

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Description ERMSYG-2 is yellow green background with x64 monochrome dark blue pixels,S6B and S6B controller that is extremely common and well documented, 8-bit parallel interface,single led backlight with yellow green color included can be dimmed grapihc with a resistor or PWM,stn-lcd positive,wide operating temperature range,rohs compliant,compact size.

Which one s need to be deleted? The interface has been made more Arduino friendly and some convenience functions added. So we need to turn ON the correct controller based on the display address.

The pin 18 is the output of a negative voltage generator. The enable pin works as a clock for the GLCD.

If you download the code, you’ll see we have implemented all the characters with 5×8 pixel font. Evidence of damage caused by operating outside of specified temperature range. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Pin descriptions are given below. I am looking gra;hic for your comments, doubts, suggestion or feedback. We will be discussing each of the instructions and implementation in the next part of this article.

GLCD 128×64 display Graphic LCD Module w/KS0107+KS0108 Black on YG

If you want to go the multiple arduino board route, or look at trying to get drive two displays from a single mega then then I suggest waiting a little while for a new version of the library that is easier to interface and has more functionality.


All products are covered under our limited warranty, which provides all products are free of functional defects for a period of one year from the date of shipment and all products are free of visual defects and missing parts for a period of 30 days from the date of shipment. For reading instructions, data appears while E is at a high level. Retrieved from ” https: We use these pins to transfer the data to the display RAM.

These controller types are supported in the current version:. Depending on the particular Arduino board and glcd module, connecting the glcd module to the Arduino board reset line may interfere with the Arduino board’s ks01088 circuit. In comparison with character LCD, it can display anything on the screen provided by the user.

I’ve also learned that this this stuff is never straightforward as first thought. Only registered users can write reviews. We could also display bit-map images on it and stretching it little further we can make GUI’s and little animation, but that’s for another day.

If you are only displaying text then the code to handle the inter-board communication is relatively easy because you don’t need to ks00108 all the graphics commands.

Support for Arduino 1.

The novice in me thinks that I could change graphjc defines and the pin assignments in the header files to create new header files. Perhaps using another board is a good alternative.


GLCD (ks) Graphic LCD Arduino Library, on Teensyduino

My grapbic is not, I don’t think, very CPU intensive. Here is a simplified version of the example sketch in the download:. Whenever we transfer the data, we first selects the half by CS bits, ls0108 page address X and then the Y address. The test sketch included in the download demonstrates many of the capabilities of the library and if you start with this and use the default Arduino pin assignments, it is a good way to make sure that everything is working before you customize your configuration.

This instruction can be used for animating the content.

2.9″128×64 Graphical LCD Display Module KS0108 ,White on Black

The remainder of this page is about GLCDv3 for those that would like to continue to use it. There will be push buttons next to the displays to select which of the relevant variables to display at that spot. If the address is less than 64, it is controlled by left. This diagram shows how panels should be connected using the default pin assignments in the distributed library.

For starters I’ll just fill you in on some of grphic details of my setup. I know grapyic the pins are self explanatory. The software is called FontCreator2 and it can produce a header file that stores font definitions in program memory when included in your sketch.