There is no need of any specialized skill to begin if you are wondering how to start grasscutter farming in Ghana. Many people are switching to eating white meat. It is also one of the most profitable animal husbandry businesses in Nigeria. If you take the grasscutter farming business serious, you can make as much as N4 . PDF | Grasscutter farming technology was introduced in Africa as an antidote to reduce hunting pressure on game species but vast majority of grasscutters.

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Commercial Snail Farming in Ghana. Well, just like George said, trading or shorting Bitcoin is too dangerous because of the volatility.

The standing height is between 25 to 30cm. Thanks for the article, I want to start this grasscutter farming as a beginnerthe minimum capital to start with and how can I get the cage and good species to buy, thanks Tijani Reply. Many people are switching to eating white meat hence this has led to an grasscurter demand for grasscutters in the urban centers.

Nice write up, I would love to have your contact and email.

How To Start Grasscutter Farming In Nigeria (Complete Guide)

We sell vital feeds, top feeds, hybrid feeds, frasscutter care, and catfish feeds per 15kg and 25kg at an affordable price. Where can I get? I live in lagos Reply. It will take combined efforts of thousands of farmers to fill the need for bush meat in the market in Africa right now.

Although, Grasscutter soup is a rearign of delicacy to the Ghanaians and Ghana had been in the fore front of its research and development, since they are not very easy to be tamed. Their excreta is odourless. You will double your gain and at the same time enable us expand what we are doing.


Hello Alex, Can you send me more details on that?

How the poor can invest in grasscutter farming

We supply Nationwide to your farm, shop or doorstep at an affordable price of NGN 1, per grasscuttee bag. What do I need to know? Grass cutter colonies for sale at an affordable price please note our prices ranges form 48, upward and we have 5 months old of age and 7 months old interested buyer should contact for more information on how to get them you can come down to the farm for inspection and we also do nation wide delivery thanks for your patronage.

Moses Bassey July 27, Make sure their house are built is a safe place and you must also be wary of human thieves.

How to Start Grasscutter Farming in Ghana

Good breed of Grass cutter colony at the weight of 2. Food crops such as groundnut, rice, maize, grain legume, tubers like cassava, sweet potato etc also make part of their food, stressed the grasscutter farmer. It is also one of the most profitable rearin husbandry businesses in Nigeria. Victoria August 6, They can still also be fed with food like grasscutetr, rice, sweet potato, grain legume, maize, and so rearnig. Having a manual on grasscutter farming and management gives one confidence as they start out and is a must have for anyone seeking to make profit out of this venture.

The spiny fur on the back and rounded nose distinguish Grasscutter from true rats. Access to healthy food may only be a start. God will replenish u on every side. Thanks for this fantastic article. Onyekwere Munachi November 9, There are a lot of people who are willing to help beginners for free, but I for example do not It should also be noted that the water given to them must have some attractant to it. It feeds mainly on green matter so how to rear a grasscutter should never worry a beginner.


Joshtmk June 20, One of the solutions to the problem of unemployment in the country is for government to grasscutteg the enabling environment for jobless youths and students to set up grasscutter business with very little capital.

Order for self-tutorial VCD and reariny N7, Grasscutter farming is cheap.

If it does, it means it can bite. It grows big and very fast too. Please let me know where you are located and how to reach you by phone also.

My phone number is Revd Emmanuel Yemi Salako. At what age is it good to sell it for consumption?

How can I get your number sir Reply. How can I Get a Tutor on Bitcoin? Grasscutter farming in Nigeria requires grasscutetr, energy and effort but if you make a small research on the financial status of big Grasscutter farmers, you would definitely want to start up your own Grasscutter farm right away.

Darlinton Omeh October 5, My question is; the grass cutter cage you have on your page is it fully made of steel or constructed with blocks.