So I’m looking for the free pdf that Black Industries put out a while ago – **not** the *Calixis Sector Encyclopedia*, which is a trimmed and. The Calixis Sector Encyclopedia – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read Hire the wrong guide and you may be damned to years of squabbling. The Calixis Sector is an Imperial sector located in the Segmentum Obscurus on the Hire the wrong guide and you may be damned to years of squabbling.

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By CogniczarDecember 31, in Fan Art. As a request from Chrysalis, I created my own version of the calixis Sector map. Hmm, Only War has its conflict near the periphery doesn’t it? Probably OW’s campaign map then? Judging by the sector locations, it seems possibly incorrect?

I wouldn’t use warp routes to judge 2d map positioning. My quick ditto is a rough guide lacking accurate measurements. The nature of warp space is likewise not translatable to conventional logic.

To quote older material on the subject:.

Planets of the Calixis Sector – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

I’ve looked it over, with some background maps of the 40k galaxy from different time periods and I figure I’ve got the idea what the confusion is. If you notice in the Only War map, things dalixis think of as being east-west compared to each other, like Sleef and Sinophia are suddenly north-south in that map compared to spinward coreward, etc.

Why would that be possible? Also why would Prol, with xector be on the border of Calixis-Scarus be far away from the border? The entire Only War map is turned on its side, with none of the directions matching the calixis map. How can that be? In the original fluff, Scarus sector was a bulwark right on the edge of the Eye of Terror, abutting it’s Western side.

Calixis, which was positioned in relation to Scarus, by that regard should have it’s coreward area to the galactic East, and so should Scarus. The Skar-us sector uprising, a 4th edition happening, along with the Eye of Terror campaign might have been late 3rdalso made far more sense.

A huge waagh right on the edge of the eye, pulling away guive from the cadian gate was a major problem. Then came 6th edition, and locationally speaking everything went to hell in a handbasket. Scarus, which was always galactic south-west of Caliban, almost bordering it, got hurled thousands of light years northward by GW’s arbitrary and mind-boggling rewrite of the galactic map.

Now Scarus is almost due north of Caliban, and the core is very much south of it. That puts coreward, which was at the right side of the map, at the bottom of the map, and flips everything helter skelter. Along comes FFG, and they probably lost their lunch.

Guide to the Calixis Sector? : 40krpg

GW went and moved the galaxy. Or this great one, that puts us WAY out in the middle of east bumble nowhere and turns yuide screaming vortex into the gamma quadrant portal from star trek!

At least it puts Vraks in the right place I had to replace ALL the images with links. Cathos, Lord of Confusion and Misdirection. I think the relative positioning is good discounting the Scarus relocation thing. As for absolute size and distance between sectors, not so much perhaps. Well, second time I’m writing caloxis. Browser crashed and I can’t access the save on tablet Yeah Cogniczar, at least the modern locations are somewhat consistent.


Though they don’t quite agree to the orientation of the three sectors. Is a great map, if you can see it, that shows the original positions relative to the eye and gives BFG sector battlemaps. I’m only harping on the difference between old and new because I believe ffg changed the sector orientations and all the maps save Finial should be oriented in the same way as Calixis. Further complicating but in many ways actually calixiss the problem is the fact that the Warp is under absolutely no obligation to have anything to do with the Materium at all.

That’s how Warp travel works in the secror place, areas which are a thousand light years from one another in the Materium are about 10, times closer together in the Warp, so you pop into the Warp, fire up to near-light speed for a month falixis so until you reach the part of the Warp that connects to your destination, and then pop back out.

Typically it’s assume that the Warp is laid out basically the same as the Materium but much smaller in scale, but it really doesn’t have to be. It would be entirely sensible to be in Segmentum Solar, enter the warp, start heading west, and then exit the Warp and find yourself in Segmentum Ultima, which is east of Segmentum Solar in the Materium. For the sake of not being abominably complicated it’s usually assumed that directions in the Warp tp loosely to directions in realspace so that, for example, caljxis don’t get two planets that are in the same system in the Materium but on opposite ends of the Warp from each other, or planets that are on opposite ends of the Materium but right next to each other in the Warp.

But just because the Warp is loosely aligned with the Materium doesn’t mean the directions can’t go wonky on a smaller zector after all, caloxis distances totally do go wonky. So it seriously isn’t weird that you head east into the Warp and end up in a sector to the south, and the reason for maps getting dector around can seriously be as simple as “the Warp changed its mind. It would be nice if Games Workshop would have some consistent astrography, though. Maps aren’t like fluff, you can’t mix and match the stuff you like while ignoring the stuff you don’t.

It’s a lot of work revising different maps calixls fit with each other. I couldn’t type earlier. I was simply adding my references I had been using.

I don’t disagree with your views – Tl has moved a bit, but it can be reconciled. I’m going to try to do so later.

Tasteless joke aside, it does have to to be taken into account that in older materials, the Scarus Sector stretched from bordering the Eye of Terror all the way to the Halo Stars, with the Helican Sub-Sector being placed where the Calixis Sector now resides.

With aector addition of new material, it is to be expected for shuffling around to occur. I’m going to endeavor to get a good, roughly correspondant positioning map done by layering these maps on my document and seeing how it works out.

Your input is helpful. I originally through this together using the images I posted earlier as my only references.

It should be noted, that the Scarus map is roughly in the right spot guidf it’s own internal coordinates. Thracis Primaris is coreward from Eustis Majoris, with Ophidia facing spinward. Oh when I said I’d had to reload twice, it’s because I can’t paste or put pictures here in internet explorer or my tablet. I’ve had crashes when I tried so I’ve been calixjs to recompose entire messages three or four times.


The orientation of Scarus has always been odd compared to Calixis. It would have been fine for them, and not made any difference, if they hadn’t made the Only War map the way they had, at a right angle to the previous material. That means spinward and trailing only have a meaning in relation to their exact location in the arm.

I started like “hey where is this so I can fit this other thing in here? Think about it calxis a circular track. Trailing however is always straight ahead if you follow the track. Im going to update my Scarus Sector Map with the removal of the Periphery reference. I’m going to make my own version eventually. If that one on the right is supposed to be the Gothic Secttor, it doesn’t line up with the underlying map at all.

Port Maw is thf the Gothic Calizis and is positioned closer to the Eye of Terror than to that map thd the far right. Is this a problem with retcons or a typo or something? I did not make the underlying map, but the Port Maw thing is definitely a misplacement.

Otherwise, most of the map is generally spot-on. It’s funny, because Battlefleet Gothic is pretty clear about the Gothic Sector being near the Segmentum Ultima border. That was the only way they could justify getting the Tau involved even then it was a stretch.

I’d thought there was probably a retcon sometime between when BFG stopped being a thing and now. I’ve been experimenting with sector maps Askellon te mapand now it’s Calixis turn. I’ve been reading the Encyclopaedia Calixia topic and added some Lathe Worlds stations to a more complete Calixis sector map.

The map is in pdf format, in spanish and with notes in english indicating the presumably ubication of the different planets, systems and stations appeared in DH first edition books. I’m looking for an expertised look to analyse the right or mostly possible situation of these add-ons before add them ultimately.

Thanks for your time and help. The spinward Front is detailed more in Only War, and is the source for many of the planets your noting in the Periphery. Terimiv I path would probably be on the lefthand border since that is the general direction of Koronus.

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Calixis Sector

Already have an account? Fan Art Search In. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Posted December 31, edited. Edited January 2, by Cogniczar. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted January 4, Wow this is amazing, thank you for uploading. Posted January 20, Do you know if you could match up where the two maps point in relation to each other? Posted January 20, edited. It also makes a lot more sense because I was getting all twisted around.

So Abidel’s trailing, coreward, corner would clip Scarus’s spinward, rimward corner. BTW, what’s that tiny little map centered on Sleef?